My Date With Peter, The Grieving Handsome Man…

7 February 15, 2018 By Dang

You may remember the story of Peter whose fine face succeeded in confusing me. If you missed the story, click here

After talking on the phone for some days, Peter insisted we had to meet since he was returning to London. He didn’t take much time off work according to him, so I picked a day. Unfortunately, I got a call to be on the mainland so I had to cancel. I called Peter to let him know this and he sounded like he understood but I knew he was disappointed.

Some hours later while I was having my meeting, Peter texted me to know how the meeting was going and where the meeting was holding, I told him the name of the hotel in GRA then turned over my phone as I didn’t want any distractions.

On my way home, Peter called me, “Hey I’m in Ikeja GRA, where are you? You’re not reading your messages”
“Oh wow. You didn’t tell me you were coming here, I’m already on my way back to the Island” I said regrettably
“Turn back” He insisted
Okay… we’re bossy, aren’t we? I turned back as I wasn’t far away at all

Seeing Peter for the first time since the last time was weird. He was even finer because he had shaved and had taken his time to dress up.

Oluwa oooo, let me just keep shut and not say much because I don’t want a repeat of last time. Should we hug or shake? I hate side hugs so I stretched out my hand to shake him. He looked at me weird but took my hand anyway.

“Okay, guess we’re shaking hands now,” he said and turned to see my reaction
I smiled and kept mute. I will only speak when the Holy Spirit gives me a go ahead. Not today devil!

As we were being led to our seats, he put his hand on my lower back, I almost jumped and screamed “Uncle stop touching” but I behaved like a lady should and ignored the fire burning behind me. I noticed he glanced at me often so after we were seated, I asked him “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I am” His voice wasn’t as excited as it was on the phone “I’m just wondering…you seem cold. Did I say or do something to upset you?”

Holy Spirit, can I talk now?

“No. You haven’t done anything wrong. I just don’t want to say something foolish like I said the first time we met”

“What did you say?” He asked, looking genuinely confused

Huh? He didn’t hear me. Have I been suffering in silence for nothing?

“Nothing. Don’t worry” I was in a better mood now. I sat up straighter and was ready to enjoy myself. Then…

“Okay then, Same to you,” Peter said and took a sip of water, looking at me through his drinking glass as his eyes twinkled wickedly, I noticed he was trying hard not to laugh but he couldn’t help himself and ended up laughing so hard he had to hold his chest

What was I doing while he laughed at me? It took me a few seconds to get it, but when I did, I laughed too. Maybe not as hard but his laughter was contagious and very sexy.

The ice was broken so I relaxed and enjoyed my date.

He is a gentleman and very funny too. He lives in ‘the abroad’ though but all through our date, there was no pressure on both sides to discuss what that means. We just had fun and made good memories.

We have stayed in touch but…


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