#TBT Flying Solo: My First Solo Trip Abroad

0 February 08, 2018 By Dang

#TBT Flying Solo: My First Solo Trip Abroad

My first solo trip was to London, United Kingdom. This was my second trip ever on an aircraft.

One of my closest friends lived in London at the time with her sister’s family, it came to me naturally that I stayed with her.

My friend’s sister is still one of the nicest and most welcoming people I know and her husband was funny and interesting to talk to. I didn’t have a curfew but I was quite mindful of what time I got back home so on this trip, I couldn’t explore London, meet strangers and make friends as I normally would like. So most of the time, I was just shopping and taking pictures

On one of those shopping days, while my friend and I waited by an elevator to take us to another floor of the shopping mall, I saw two kids, standing not too far away from us. They couldn’t have been older than 14 or 15. They were trying really hard to swallow each other up with the way they kissed and touched with abandon. I was quite surprised so I intentionally stared at the girl (she was the one standing on my side), hoping she’d get embarrassed and stop. Instead, she nudged her boyfriend and drew his attention towards me. The boy removed his hand from inside her top and walked towards me

“wha’? wha’? Wha you looking at? Wha’ you looking at me like that for? huh? wha’?” The young lad said on his way to me, his gait like he had a stroke on one side even though he was just trying to walk cool

Ahn Ahn! Does this one want to be unfortunate? What was he planning to do, walking towards me like that? I looked at the tiny rat and stood my ground, waiting for him to get to me but my friend quickly pulled me into the elevator.

My friend told me to mind my business next time, that this was a regular occurrence and I would soon get used to it.

She was right, I saw more of that and learned to look away.

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