A Grieving Handsome Man, My Chipped Nail and An Awkward Moment

5 February 03, 2018 By Dang

An Ex-colleague lost his mum so I went to visit him yesterday.

When I got to his house – It was a big house and an even bigger compound- there was a small crowd seated all over. I didn’t know who to approach as there was no familiar face. However, my radar zoned in on a fine boy who seemed to be familiar with almost everyone. I smiled at him. He smiled back and quickly walked towards me.

“Hey you, long time. You came” Fine boy said as he pulled me close for a hug

Okay…I never forget fine boys so I was so sure we hadn’t met but to avoid embarrassment, I hugged him back and asked where I could find Nonso, my colleague (Not the real name but close). Instead of directing me to where I would find him, fine boy held me by the hand and took me past a large living room, a smaller one and a slightly long corridor then opened one of the doors that lined the hallway. He led me into the room where I saw Nonso, seated on the floor surrounded by guests, some of whom I knew.

I quickly released my hand and sat beside Nonso, gave him a hug and said a quick prayer with him. Then, I exchanged pleasantries with everyone else. Looking up, I noticed the fine boy was still in the room, staring at me. I looked away from him and whispered to Nonso “Abeg who be that fine boy wey bring me here?”

Nonso chuckled, “My brother na, Peter (Not real name). You can’t remember you’ve met him once or twice?”

I shook my head. “Was he fine like this then?” I asked Nonso and heard him laugh as I turned around again only to find that Peter was still there but this time, seated on the bed, resting his back on the wall, still looking at me.

Nonso drew my attention back to him. “Ahn ahn. He was the one who picked us up from the airport that time we went for a conference in London” Nonso looked at my face like he was trying to hypnotize me into remembering. I really had no recollection of Peter, even though I remember a family member of Nonso picked us up at the Heathrow Airport in 2010.

I shook my head and changed the topic.

Almost everyone decided to leave at the same time so Nonso saw them off. It was just I, Peter and an older lady in the room. Peter dragged himself off the bed and took Nonso’s position on the floor.

“I have a feeling you don’t remember me” Peter whispered in my ear.

He was too close, so I shifted a little and apologised. “I’m sorry”

He took my left palm “It’s okay, guess you were distracted. I’ve never forgotten about you sha. I ask after you all the time from Nonso” He whispered again, still close to my ear even after I had created some distance.

First of all, why sit close to me? Secondly, breathing was getting harder. I quickly snatched my hand and stood. It’s time to go. Never trust a grieving man who has time to flirt. Also, one of my nails was chipped. That was the finger he decided to play with as he held my hand. Was he indirectly telling me to go polish my nails or what? Ain’t nobody got time for nail shaming fine men.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” I said as I got up. I couldn’t hear myself, his sexy voice was still swirling somewhere in there.

“Please, can I get your number from Nonso?” I noticed he had gotten up too and was following me.

“Where is Nonso? I need a saviour” Were my thoughts.

When we got to my car, I didn’t wait around to look for my colleague, I just jumped into the car, ready to go. He asked me again “Please I would like your number, can I get it from Nonso?”

“Yes you can,” I said

“Okay then. Thank you for coming”

“Same to you,” I said

It was at this time, I knew Peter was sent by the Devil to confuse me. I’m a confident woman dammit!!!

Same to you? CHAI!!!


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  2. Nneka.

    Hahaha! I can totally relate. I got confused a couple of times myself. The last time I remember clearly, I couldn’t find my voice. Gosh!



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