My Conversation With A Nigerian Billionaire: How Much Money Is Enough?

2 January 17, 2018 By Dang

My Conversation With A Nigerian Billionaire: How Much Money Is Enough?

Last week, I got to talk to a Nigerian billionaire as I was trying to convince him to do an interview for the blog.

Even though we haven’t done an interview per se, he said some things to me when I asked him this question “how much money is enough?” He asked me…”Did you grow up with money?”

I shook my head and told him a funny story about my childhood. He seemed to find it interesting so he asked me “When were you the happiest? When you were living poorly or now that you have made something out of yourself?”

Hmmmm… This was a tough question. I was a child, I was more carefree, I had no serious thoughts or major problems. I just wanted to wear short dresses and play downstairs with my neighbours. The biggest problem I had growing up was how fast my boobies were growing when they decided to sprout. “I don’t think I was happy being poor but I was content” I responded after giving it some thought.

“For someone at my stage, no amount is enough. The truth is making money has now become a habit, habit borne out of fear that anything can happen. You’re now working to sustain your net-worth. Know this, when you have all the money that I have, being rich finally disappoints you. After you’ve opened trust fund for your children and you’ve done everything you’ve dreamed of, you get disappointed”

Okay… What was this man saying?

It was as if he read my thoughts.

“Because money cannot buy the most important things. I have tried but I’m disappointed that with all of these, I still can’t buy life, love, self-worth, I can’t control some situations I badly want to control. Even with billions, you do not have absolute power unlike what people think”

I cut in “So you’re saying a billionaire’s life is not all that? People shouldn’t aspire to be mega rich?”

“No, I didn’t say that. Aspire to be a billionaire, just be ready to get disappointed that it’s not all you thought it would be”

Lo.Ba.Tan. (No more words).


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