Alibaba’s January 1st Concert: Noble Intentions Gone Wrong?

0 January 02, 2018 By Dang

Alibaba’s January 1st Concert: Noble Intentions Gone Wrong?

I wrote about this show last year, about how impressed I was and how I would definitely be attending this year. Alibaba’s January 1st Concert 2017 was so well planned and inspiring, I had to talk about it

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for this year’s show

This year, The show had programmed more segments than was necessary so everything dragged. It was easy for me to assume there was no structured program for the event as you could hear even Alibaba ask “so what’s next?”. Comedians refused to keep to time and unlike last year, no one enforced timekeeping. At 2 am, there was still no musical performance for a show that started around 8 pm.

We were constantly being reminded at intervals that “Tiwa Savage is backstage, Falz is backstage, Seyi Shay is backstage” just to keep us glued to our seats. But, I was more upset when the producer(s) of the show didn’t take the hint when people began to walk out -in droves- of this prestigious show. When people walk out in droves in the middle of a show, that’s never a good sign. The producers at this point should have improvised but, the show dragged on.

My friends and I paid to watch Lil Kesh, Tiwa Savage, Seyi Shay and especially FalztheBhadguy perform. Out of these four, only two of them performed and they did so to a hall that was half empty. I must commend both artists (Tiwa and Sheyi) for giving it their all and trying to revive the already bored crowd. But they could only do so much, there were very few happy faces

Also, I believe those who paid for the show deserve an apology and explanation as to why not all slated to perform did so. It is the responsibility of the owners of the show to respect their paid audience enough to say something.

Mostly, this is what thawed at my heart: Seeing that Alibaba wanted to help and promote as many talents as he could. This noble intention killed the show this year. I write this review in the mildest -though objective- way possible. This is because I see the intent behind the show and I deeply respect it. The thing is though, I cannot see how this January 1st show can thrive as a business if what happened this year repeats itself in 2019

I hope Alibaba sees this and I hope, for the sake of the past good years of this show, next year’s will be better.


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