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0 December 08, 2017 By Dang

On Sunday, I went to Ajegunle to see the kids at LOTS Charity foundation. I wanted to see the area for myself because @tolu who heads the foundation is doing an incredible job but seems to always run out of money to do all she wants for the 163 kids she caters to.

My intention was to speak to the girls especially and follow as many of them to their homes to see how they live. This is important to me because I really did want to bond with them and their family.

It was an eye-opener for me. Seeing the abject poverty in this place. I cried when I heard how intelligent these girls are and how well they spoke of their family and how sure they are of their future.

I thought I grew up poor but I’ve now seen for myself what real poverty is and I was indeed grateful.

I made this video with @photojhenie because I wanted you all to catch a glimpse of what I saw. People living IN refuse dumps, risking their health but not having a choice. Brilliant girls who know they can do better for themselves and their family if they could just get out

The girl child education is very important to me, I’ve been on this journey for years and I hope you join me in sponsoring a child because as we do so, we are saving one generation at least, from poverty

Today, I’ll be posting the stories of 5 girls who inspired me. Although they made me cry, it was because I was and still are in awe of them. They are desperate to go to school and do better for their family. I hope their stories and this video moves you to help them

Video recorded and edited by @PhotoJhenie


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