Simi See Me Live Concert: All About That and My Search For New Friends. Part 2

2 November 29, 2017 By Dang

On Sunday at the Simi See me Live Concert, Before the show started, my friends and I hung out at the bar to munch on buffalo wings accompanied by drinks. I heard my friend whisper to me, “look behind you, can you see who I’m seeing?”

Yours truly, who is extremely bad at snooping did a 360 degree turn, looking everywhere without decorum, asking her loudly “who? I can’t see anyone”. My friend said to me irritably “stop turning around now. he’s walking past you now”

“Oh” I exclaimed as I saw who she was referring to. It was an ex to one of our closest friends and we thought it would be wise to show her evidence we saw the guy

“Take a picture. Hurry so we can send to her” My friend, overtly excited, pushed me on

I had been taking selfies earlier so I simply swapped the direction of the camera, dramatically pretended like I was taking a selfie and clicked capture.

The flash was on!!!

This guy was just two feet away from me and the flash was going to shine directly in his eyes. “Oh my God! I was going to get beat up at Simi See Me Live Concert” I thought to myself. Thanking the good Lord for fast reflexes, my right hand shot up to block the flash so the result was a picture of my palms

You would think my friends would commend my fast reflex…nah, never happened. I was accused of being the worst snoop ever, insults rained on me from all corners.

The fact that I could have gotten into trouble didn’t cross their minds, they just needed me to upgrade my aproko level to “professional”

You think it’s time for me to change my friends?

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