Simi See Me Live Concert: All About That and My Search For New Friends. Part 1

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Simi See Me Live Concert: All About That and My Search For New Friends.

I was at the Simi See Me Live Concert on Sunday evening and I must tell you, it was something

I have always been a Simi fan. I’m a fan of good music but Simi has always been one of my favourites from the day I heard her voice on Falz’s “Soldier”. I had to go google her and listen to all she’s done and I fell in love. So, hearing she was headlining her own concert at Hard Rock Cafe on Sunday was good news to my ears. I quickly sent the flyer to my friends and cajoled them into going with me

The show started at 8.04pm. It was supposed to begin at 8pm but for a Nigerian show, that was something of a record. I am one of those people who just want to see the headliner when I go to shows so I won’t lie if I said I took time out to listen to the artists that came out ahead of Simi, except of course Fumbi, who is going to wow the world in a bit.

So, when Simi came on, in her very glittery jacket and cornrows amidst cheers, catcalls and screams, I knew it was going to be a blast. Simi was also close to tears, I noticed her voice shook a little when she addressed the crowd. I guess being her first headline concert, she didn’t expect all those people and all the love she got. She had to start singing before the cheers stopped. The stage was small, she couldn’t move around as much even though she seemed like if she had more space, she’d dance more. Then she had back up dancers, who mostly were getting in the way and were absolutely unnecessary. I wasn’t the only one who got temporarily distracted by the dancers but I soon managed to focus on Simi and her music

Despite the small stage, Simi was fantastic. Still dancing, smiling, singing her lungs out and looking happy and comfortable doing so. Then, she brought on Falzthebahdguy who got the crowd screaming again, then Adekunle Gold whose chemistry with Simi was undeniable. With Falz, Simi was playful… performing with Adekunle Gold, she blushed some, was goofy and touched him A LOT. I LOVED IT!!!

The concert ended on the highest note possible, with “Owambe” and “Joromi”. Hard Rock Cafe was hot, people were sweating from the heat and more from dancing but when the show ended, I never heard one person complain. Simi See me live Concert was very nice.

There’s something about good music, I don’t mean the loud ones that temporarily make you forget your sorrow, not the “DJ play track 1” type. The really good music, with live instruments and the voice:
That makes you feel everything
That makes you dig deep
That lights up your spirit being into awareness
That may excite you but will definitely give you joy

I think Simi is on her path to have this effect on more people. I hope she doesn’t stop doing concerts like this. There’s always room for improvements but she is a Rock Star.


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