BankyW and Adesua Etomi Love Story Got Females Shook!

1 November 21, 2017 By Dang

I was minding my business on Sunday outside the screening room of “A Hotel Called Memory”. It’s not my fault that some ladies chatted loosely beside me about their love lives. As usual, in my mind, I joined the conversation

Lady in Blue: So you think I shouldn’t call him?
Lady in mustard: Ah, in my opinion o, don’t call him, you’ve tried now
Lady in Blue: But what if he’s waiting for me to call again for the last time? This Susu and Banky thing is just making me reconsider my decisions
Lady in Mustard: Me too o. I just feel like getting married now now
Lady in Blue: Sometimes God sends you a sign. maybe this is a sign

Me in my mind: Ah sister whole up o! What you’re feeling is desperation. This is not a sign

Instead, I look at both of them and smile, hoping they’ll smile back and I can quickly give my opinion on the matter. They didn’t smile back, they were really shook and weren’t even looking at me

Lady in Blue: [Looks at her phone] Chai! see kiss. He can’t stop touching her and looking at her
Lady in Mustard: [Shares the phone screen with her friend] I know right. Hey God!!! I need a break o. I do. Adesua does not have two heads now, I’ve been a good girl

Me in my mind: Me too. I deserve a break. Sigh…

Both ladies continue to look at pictures and run commentary. Then the lady in blue suddenly says “I’m calling him”

Me in my mind: Please don’t.

Lady in Blue: He’s not picking. Can you imagine?
Lady in Mustard: Sebi I told you not to call him
Lady in Blue: I’m deleting his number, it’s not his fault. (In Yoruba)

Me in my mind: LMAO. Somebody that you have his number in your head. Yinmu! Kontinu…


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