My First Time Drinking Alcohol Was A Disaster… Sort Of.

3 November 18, 2017 By Dang

My First Time Drinking Alcohol Was A Disaster… Sort Of.

First semester 200 Level, I met this guy, we called him Odemwinge.

Odemwinge lived next door so our relationship was a “see finish” kind of relationship. I could see all his movements from my apartment’s balcony. One of those days, while I waited for him to arrive from class, I saw him come home, holding a 5-litre keg filled with white liquid. I asked him, “What’s that you’re holding?”

“Palm wine” He responded as he raised the keg for me to get a clearer view. “Do you want?” He asked

I thought about it. I had never tasted palm wine or any sort of alcohol. I guess it was time for me to be an adult.

“Will it make me tipsy?” I wondered aloud

“No. I can drink this whole keg and nothing would happen” Odemwinge said to me

I practically jogged downstairs and out my building in excitement. I must have been bored that day. Looking back now, I see the wicked smile on Odemwinge’s face when I asked him again in his room while he poured me a cup of palm wine “Are you sure I won’t get tipsy?”

Wicked smile in place, he pushed a full cup of Palm wine in my hand

I took a sip. It tasted like coconut but sour then sweet. I couldn’t decide so I took another gulp, this time, I felt it in my throat, I liked the sour and then sweet taste. I gulped the whole cup and asked for another. Something that sweet can’t possibly make me tipsy. Odemwinge obliged me but I noticed he wasn’t having any.

“Why are you not drinking?” I asked suspiciously

“The way you’re gulping that thing, I need to keep an eye on you” He said as he handed over the second round

After the third cup, he asked me to stop then gave me a bottle of water. I was feeling just fine and no different until I opened my mouth to speak

My tongue felt heavy and I noticed I was slurring my words. On top of that, I giggled a lot. Note: I’m not a giggler…I laugh out loud or smile wildly but giggling has never been my thing. His 2 roommates came over to see what was happening…in the midst of my giggle, I gave them all High fives. Odemwinge said to me “You’re tipsy o. come and lie down”

I refuted that claim immediately. “I’m fine. I can walk a straight line. Let’s all try it”

So, I told all of them to walk behind me as I tried to walk in a straight line. I genuinely thought I was walking a straight line but they all laughed at me and said it was more of a straight zig-zag. I embarrassed the hell out of Odemwinge but he was a good sport about it. He took me home and I slept off almost immediately.

I didn’t drink alcohol again until I graduated.

I recently bought palm wine. While I poured myself a cup, I remembered Odemwinge…. I toasted a glass to him…May his soul continue to rest in peace.

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  1. Anonymous

    Aaaawww… Odemwinge, RIP.
    The first time I had alcohol was during my service year. I was with this guy and then he convinced me that smirnoff ice was mild and I could start there. It was so sweet that I ended up having 2 bottles. Like you, I thought I was okay till I got up and my legs refused to walk normally. He had to support me while we went to the car and I slept off immediately. Sigh



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