GTBank Fashion Weekend Chronicles: I Met Dare Art Alade and I Was Extra…

5 November 13, 2017 By Dang

GTBank Fashion Weekend Chronicles: I Met Dare Art Alade and I Was Extra…

First, I must commend the organizers of the Gtbank Fashion Weekend. The fashion show plus the whole event was well put together. Gtbank is truly doing a good job of promoting and supporting the fashion enterprise in Nigeria. Kudos!!!

Yesterday at the GTBank Fashion weekend runway show, I sat beside Dare Art Alade at the runway. I didn’t know if I should cross my legs, sit up straight or rush him with a hug. Outwardly I was poised and calm, inwardly I felt like I needed to do something or say something but I froze

When we were introduced, my phone rang but I could have ignored, instead, I picked up my call and said to him “I have to take this…”

Sigh….what kind of foolish behavior is that? Instead of striking a conversation I decided to form busy


Don’t blame me, it’s like the guy doesn’t age. He’s been on the radio since my 200level in Uni. He still looks the same and his voice is so cool. It sounded loud even though he wasn’t shouting. Baritone of life and destiny

So there I was, seated beside Dare, shoulder to shoulder, watching models strut their stuff. “Should I rub my shoulder with his so I can tell my friends I flirted with Dare without his knowledge?” I asked myself. Oh crap! He’s married. I sat up straighter, moved my shoulder away and behaved myself. I am a child of God

When he eventually got up to make some announcements, it was like I had been holding my breath all along, I could finally breathe. All my poise and good behaviour went out the window and as you may have seen on my insta-story, I was screaming “workittttt” at all the fine male models in their tiny mankini

I left earlier than everyone because I didn’t want to be caught in the rush. I saw Uncle Dare outside, he was rushing back in since he was anchoring the show. “Leaving?” He asked

I bobbed my head like a nuisance, began to search for something in my bag that wasn’t lost and continued to walk away. Not like he waited for a proper response but I could have answered with my mouth now, abi?

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