Eulogy: To The Vagina, The Giver Of Life

1 November 08, 2017 By Dang

She is eclectic
She gives life
She gives peace
She gives comfort
She feeds you
She satisfies you
She makes you forget
She makes you remember
She is accommodating
She accepts every entry at every angle
She accepts all sizes, shapes, weight and length
She accepts every colour
She never complains
She never nags
She loves to be teased
She loves to be worshipped
She loves attention
She rewards you
She never forgets a goodwill
She always remember a bad deed
She is self-sufficient
She is independent
She cleans herself
She heals herself
She helps you fit in
Her door is always open
Her dryness hurts her
Her wetness pleasures her
Her warmth promises sweetness
Her narrowness demands more exploration
Her broadness signals through satisfaction
And she never looks like what she’s been through

Written by: Taiwo Rachel for Diaryofanaijagirl


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