Find Your Grit: Don’t Get Tired Of Starting Over

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Don’t Get Tired Of Starting Over

When people say “I’m an adult, I can’t change” it is understandable because mostly, it is true. But an unhealthy habit or behaviour that is a hindrance to your growth needs to give way because this is self-sabotage at it’s best.

What Did I Really Want?
Recently I came to the realisation that to perform at my best, I needed to wake up earlier which equals putting in more hours: Sacrifice and consistent commitment. What usually happened was, I would wake up late, rush out of bed, forget to pray then muddle things up and feel bad afterward for not reaching my capabilities.This can be very frustrating. So, I kept trying but failed many times and the times I succeeded, I wasted time doing mundane things because I assumed I had time.

Why Wasn’t I Consistent?
This went on for over 5 months so I finally gave up. Starting over many times was embarrassing, even to me. I told myself this is who I am. I sleep late and wake up late, I am easily distracted and I like to have fun while I work. My habits are my habits, why take life so seriously? What I knew at the back of mind was, no matter how fun my job was, I still had to work hard at it, this includes annoying admin work.

It’s Time I got Some Perspective
I was talking to an older friend about this and he told me, “you know you can put in more time if you’re serious. Don’t give up, start again and when you fail, start again. Make it through 21 days and it will stick with you”. The fact that he would think I wasn’t serious annoyed me just a little bit but he was right.

I Finally Got Some Grit
Truth is how can something mean so much to me and I wasn’t willing to change my lifestyle and challenge myself to succeed at it. It’s just sleep, if I manage my time well, I should still get 7-8 hours of sleep daily. So, I renewed my mind. To do it one day at a time and not put too much pressure on me. The 21-day mark at the back of my mind though. I set alarm for 3.30am and every 10m after then. On the 10th day, I didn’t need the 10 minutes extra anymore. After 18 days, I started waking up some minutes before the alarm.

I may not succeed every day at my job, but I never went to bed feeling bad or frustrated because I was certain I had done ALL that I could for that day.

You can be tenacious but still get stuck, it’s okay. Just don’t stay stuck. Forget how many times you have tried, focus on new ways to try but the key is to never get tired of starting over.

Habits are formed. I hope we don’t feel it’s too late to form a habit of determination. Read: Sometimes, Bad Things Happen So Worse Things Don’t Happen


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  1. lumi

    i needed to read this. research has shown that grit is the only factor that distinguishes successful students from unsuccessful ones. not talent and not socio economic status.



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