Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017 Day 1: Catwalk, Fire and My New Best Friends

2 October 26, 2017 By Dang

Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017 Day 1: catwalk, Fire and My New Best Friends

The Heineken Lagos Fashion and design week 2017 kicked off yesterday and I was there to soak everything up. I know I don’t say it as much or discuss it here, I really do like fashion and would buy couture all day every day if sense did not fall on me. So, I admire, window shop and buy the ones I can afford.

I have never been to a fashion show, except that time in Milan, when my friend and I accidentally walked into one and eventually did our own fashion shoot at the Duomo…it was exciting. So, knowing Lagos people as over-do, I asked my friend thestyleinfidel – whose style is never over the top but manages to be eclectic still – to help my life and choose something to wear. He said “DANG, just think Solange”. Ehen? A girl can do that now. So, I put something together and got his approval.

The Lagos fashion and design week 2017 was supposed to start at 5.30pm, I got there at 6pm. I felt I was already late but I seemed to have forgotten the Nigerian factor…”events begin 2-3 hours from originally stated time”. The venue of the show was Eko Atlantic.

There was a barrier set up halfway to the venue so no one would drive and drop off close to the marquee, this made people walk a short distance to where the show was happening. It would have been okay if you didn’t have heels on but I did so it was quite inconvenient. However, I was not having such a bad time like the lady who walked in front of me. First, she alighted from her car like a DIVA: Lovely dress, pretty high platform heels and short hair to die for. Then she walked like she was on the runway…fast, sexy, confident. WAWU. I wondered in my mind if I should try to imitate her but before I could begin to twist my waist, the devil put a foot in front of her and down she went…bam!

I adjusted my waist real quick, before the devil will say it’s my turn.

The lady got up in seconds and resumed her catwalk on her imaginary runway, not looking left or right, strutting off like nothing happened. Wow. I admire her.

Getting into the Marquee where the show was happening, it was 90% empty. Everyone was outside conducting interviews, taking pictures and trying to be seen. That’s okay, only that we were already an hour behind. I know people wonder why it still frustrates me that Nigerians cannot keep to time but it does. This is one thing I wish we could correct and not make a habit, because it is really a bad one.

I was showed where to sit and it was on a row where two fine men were already seated. You already know that was a little consolation for me. On my way in, I had seen many fine men, dressed immaculately and fashionably so no surprise seeing those type of people seated around me. As soon as I sat, one of them got up, then I also picked my friend’s call, complaining to her about the late start. When I got off the phone, fine immaculately dressed man pulled my sleeve playfully “don’t worry, the show will begin soon” He said.

Fine immaculately dressed man then proceeded to compliment my dress and my hair, then my skin and my Jewellery. He then said “my boyfriend immediately spotted you when you walked in, he really likes your dress”. Oh Lord! You mean to say you don’t play for my team?

“You’re gay? And not ashamed to say it?” I asked. My mind already calculating how to ask him to do a story for the blog. “You be police?” He said playfully. Read:The Residence Mauritius Hotel: Thank You for Giving Me Freely The Things I Would Have “Taken”

Awwww…he’s so cute and so playful but so gay.

“In that case, please shift so straight men can see me…” I said, elbowed him while making an effort to move away from him. He pulled me back and announced dramatically, “you’re stuck with meeee”.

I loved him immediately, we became friends on the spot. He and his partner made the show way more interesting for me.

The show eventually started and it took off! Everything happened so fast but well organised. Then, there was a little fire mishap which made Nigerians rush out of the hall like they had fire on their heels. The fire was a little spark on the roof of the marquee but you would’ve thought the whole hall was grazed. The situation was under control in minutes but organisers had to practically beg people to come back in because trust Nigerians to stay far far away until they were sure of safety.

I really liked some of the designers’ collections that were showcased in the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017 Day 1 show, while some other collections looked like Sura the Tailor upgraded a little bit. I won’t mention names. However, my best collection for Day 1 was Style Temple. So well tailored, so creative, so chic and super sexy.

The Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design week 2017 Day 1 took off on a shaky start for me but it ended well, I had fun and I’ll be there again today and hopefully, they start on time. Also Read: Candid Chat with Sam, A Lagos Based Nigerian Gay: “I have never had a girlfriend.I knew I was gay from secondary school”


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  1. The Confused Introvert

    I understand what you mean about the timekeeping issue. It never ceases to infuriate me also as I always try to get to the venue either on time or 10 minutes before… #Nigeriantime


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