What do women really want? I Think I May Have A Theory

2 October 24, 2017 By Dang

What do women really want?

I swear I’m not a complicated woman. No, seriously I’m not. I just want to marry a white man who speaks Yoruba and likes Wizkid and Davido’s music.

Is it possible for me to get a sugar daddy that’ll just give me money anytime I decide to take a break from hard work? One who likes to give me money but hates to have sex with me…I want that. Read:Dear Iyabo Ojo, If You Marry Solely For Money, You’ll Earn Every Penny

I want a guy to call me as much as he can but I’m busy a lot so I don’t pick up sometimes, but I’ll notice when he doesn’t call and take offence. This means I’d rather miss his calls than not hear from him. Does that even make any sense?

When I was 13, I wanted Monday to be my boyfriend. Monday was the finest guy on the street, he looked like Kanu Nwankwo and all the girls wanted him. Especially Titi, my arch-enemy who for whatever reason, developed boobies before I did. We were age mates for ‘guhsake!’. No way was I going to allow her steal my guy.

So, I started wearing my sisters’ bra and padding my chest with foam. Monday finally started seeing me for the matured woman who I was and decided we would be watching “wild rose” together at night through their window. Finally, one day, Monday pulled me under the stairs and gave me a peck on the lips. “Jayysuuuu….I’m going to get pregnant”, I thought to myself. I avoided him all through the holiday and I could sometimes see his confused expression. Well… Cé la vie. I don’t like you again. Ain’t nobody getting pregnant at 13!

I’m sure Monday thought to himself, what do women really want?

When I was in Houston, I met my friend’s cousin who has had three kids but has the body of a model. Hello! I need to know whats going on. She eats well and takes only skimmed milk, she told me. Errrr…but skimmed milk is not sweet ke. She mentioned Three crowns Milk as sweet and skimmed so I could eat my cake and then have it. Issokay! I tucked that information in my brain. I gotta try it.

Three Crowns Milk conducted a survey on twitter #whatdowomenreallywant and 90% of them said “financial stability”. I don’t mind financial stability, but I want good health first. Not only because I want to always look hot in my bikini but because health is wealth. Also Read:These are The Things I, As A strong Independent Woman Want From A Man
You see how I sounded serious in the above paragraph? #Yinmu. Will plantain chips, noodles, fried plantain and goat meat allow me to be great?

So Three Crowns Milk, based on the above submission, here’s my theory to what do women really want?: We want what we want when we want it subject to what we want at the particular time. You get?


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