Sexual Abuse: As a child I was Molested by Three different Men, My Parents Didn’t Believe Me

2 October 21, 2017 By Dang

Sexual Abuse: As a child I was molested by three different men, My Parents Didn’t Believe Me

It started with my cousin Precious. I was little then, I almost don’t remember in full detail but those pictures and words never leave my head. He was in his early twenties and I was just about six, he stayed with us and was like a big brother we never had. He would bathe us, feed us and get us ready for school. I remember he would place me on his laps and touch me, squeeze my flat chest, tell me to touch his as well and even kiss his nipples. He once even told me to hold his erect manhood from his pants.

This went no further as he soon got admitted into the university.

Then there’s Ibrahim our gateman. When I was seven years old, he carried us on his bike, rode around the compound and enticed us with his phone to watch cartoons and music videos. When no one was around he would play porn for me and explain how nice the feeling of what they did was. He also gave me condoms when nobody was looking, he would tell me to blow it like a balloon and then spank me with it. He never let me hold it for long though or let me show it to my brothers.

One day as he sat on a plastic chair and told me to go under it and take what he bought for me. Immediately I bent under the chair, I felt his hand go through my skirt and pant, his hand wasn’t gentle, he just grabbed my privates so roughly that it hurt.

I still don’t know what came over me, I got up, slapped him and ran away. Read: My Step Dad Introduced Me To Cocaine at 18, My Mother is Still with Him

A few weeks later one evening, he met me at the backyard and tried to pin me to a wall. Ibrahim was a big, fat man and due to previous incident, I was already scared of him. That night, I screamed at the top of my voice. Even though he whispered that no one would believe me, he ran off to his duty post. Since that day, I never gave him a chance to be in the same room with me,I always avoided him…

My lesson teacher Tseoluwa taught my little brother and I maths. Because I was so bad at maths, he would flog me more than he did my brother, I never liked him much because of this. However, overnight, he changed towards me. Even if I didn’t get all my marks as usual, he would buy me sweets and tell me nice words. He started touching me from under the table where my younger brother couldn’t see, sometimes he would send my brother away to go play, then he would try to touch my breast. It was always painful because my breasts had already started growing. I was about nine years old.

I would stab his hand with my pencil sometimes and he will pick up his cane to beat me, claiming I was stubborn and had refused to learn. I eventually stopped fighting him and stabbing him with pencil, instead I cried until our lessons were over.

One day, he tried to insert his finger inside me, I couldn’t bear it anymore. I was so furious I took my pencil and came at him, reaching for his other eye as he already had one bad eye (I had played this scenario over and over in my head). He dodged and I was only able to scratch his face, his cheek started to bleed. I ran out of the house to my grandmother’s because no one was home except my siblings

When I got back to the house, he was still there, waiting with my parents. He had told them I scratched him with a pencil but he never mentioned what he did to deserve the scratch. I tried to explain and tell them what happened but he said I was only cooking up stories because I didn’t like him and I didn’t want to learn.

To my greatest surprise, my parents believed him over me. They said they knew from the start I didn’t like him,I also got punished. Still, I refused him as a lesson teacher, so he resigned…

With all this that happened I began to think there was something wrong with me.

Why did all these men try to do this to me?

I became a troubled child, a lonely and scared teenager and I never liked to be touched by boys.

As years passed, I found out this didn’t happen to just me, there were others too. The most painful feeling though, was my parents not believing me. I was mad at them, maybe I still am, so I promised myself this wouldn’t happen to any of my children, boy or girl….

You can’t protect your kids every time, but be observant and please make sure they are close enough to tell u anything.

I can say these three men are the only people I hate in this world because I felt they stole my childhood and replaced it with fear….whenever any thought of them comes to me,I immediately get filled with hate and anger. I pray to God every time to help me forget them…but I know I never will.

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  1. Anonymous

    Some parents also create fear In the minds of their kids. Children should be allowed to express their minds. I pray God gives you the heart to forgive the men.


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