When Your Ex Fiancé Doesn’t Want His Engagement Ring Back…Here’s Why.

15 October 18, 2017 By Dang

When Your Ex Fiancé Doesn’t Want His Engagement Ring Back…Here’s Why.
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I saw this Image of a text message (On Bored Panda) between a formerly engaged couple, where the man was asking for his engagement ring back. It cracked me up. Clearly, this guy must be asking for the ring back because it is expensive. Here’s how I know.

I remember when I broke things off with my ex-fiancé. I shipped his engagement ring back to him but he returned it to me. He said his love for me was still strong and “I ain’t taking back no ring. It’s yours for life” He texted.

The engagement ring was a huge sapphire, surrounded by diamonds on 24 Karat white gold. He told me it was specially made in Italy Read: Lies Men tell Woman: My Hilarious Personal Experience

When he said I could have it and he didn’t want it back, I began to calculate how much I’d sell it for when I travel to Dubai or NewYork City. I was so happy, free shopping money.

I went to New York first. My sister and I took time out to look for expensive looking jewellery stores. The first store we went, I proudly announced my ring and it’s quality. “I would like to sell my sapphire and diamond ring please”. The jeweller looked excited, then asked to see the ring. I brought it out carefully, showing it off with pride. I then decided right there to replace with another diamond ring or a set.

I was busy looking at options when the jeweller called my attention. “Ma’am, this ring is not sapphire and diamond. This stone is not sapphire. It is not even tanzanite” Mr Jeweler looked at my sister and me in anger. I could see his veins protrude from his neck.

“Ees not possibu. Something that was specially made in Italy. Abi this one does not know work ni?” I thought to myself.

“I’m sorry I don’t understand. It’s sapphire and diamond on 24k gold”. I said half confidently. The Jeweler snickered bitterly “This gold is 10karat ma’am” He said to me while he looked at it again to be sure. Then he nodded to himself in confirmation.

“So how much would you value it?” I asked, my high shoulders dropping all the way down to my knees.

“We cannot accept this ring at all” Responded the jeweller impatiently.


My sister and I took the ring back but we didn’t take the word of that snobbish jeweller for it. Instead, we googled a pawn store in Brooklyn. We got to the pawn store, the Mexican jeweller looked at the ring, stamped it on the glass shelf and said, “This is nothing. I give you $50”.

Ah! Funkeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!


15 comments on “When Your Ex Fiancé Doesn’t Want His Engagement Ring Back…Here’s Why.

  1. chidinma

    hahahahahahahaha…this laughter is endless.

    p.s dang, if it is possible kindly update the website with more stories. since u re-direct us here from your IG page, am sure i have read every write up here. before i forget to mention, your stories are legendary and i literally refresh page all the the time, hoping that new write up will pop up


  2. Anonymous

    Oh some want it back because it was purchased with a credit card, why pay for something when the relationship is over. Lool oh well


  3. Anonymous

    Hahaha… Apostle must hear of this!
    Seriously though, I do not have a problem with the cost of the ring because its prolly what he could afford. But the fact that he hyped it so much and lied… Chai. No wonder he sent it back. I can only imagine how deflated you felt after being offered $50. Lmao!



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