Airport Chronicles: How is it A Good Idea To Travel in High Heels?

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Airport Chronicles: How is it A Good Idea To Travel in High Heels?

Yesterday as I arrived ATL Airport, I noticed a young lady walking in pain. There was no need to question her gait, she was wearing high heeled Louboutin shoes, I guessed around 5 inches or higher.

We all, who exited the plane, took the long walk to baggage claim. I walked behind her as she wobbled, pulling her hand luggage in tow, stopping stylishly for a bit and then moving on…it was indeed a long walk and I wondered how she’d manage. I laughed inside me because I could relate with her.

This is why I found the situation hilarious:

3 Years ago I decided to go on a solo trip to Antalya, Turkey to celebrate my birthday. I would normally travel comfortably albeit stylish but this time, I decided to travel in high heels, it was my birthday week after all…

My friend said to me, “this your experiment, won’t you put a pair of sneakers in your luggage? It can get uncomfortable o.“

I snickered in confidence “Nah. I’ll be fine. Does Victoria Beckham have two heads?”

My problem started from the international airport in Lagos. I really don’t have problems with high heels on a normal day but walking from check in desk to departure gate already stressed me out. I knew then I may have made a bad decision but I forged on…

No retreat no what? No surrender.

When we arrived Istanbul, my feet had swollen a little bit. It was a 6 hour flight so, go figure. I hadn’t walked 20 feet before everything began to hurt. It felt like I had sprained my ankle, my calf felt pulled, my feet were on fire and my lower back ached.

After about 5 minutes, I assumed knowing the distance to the custom desk would keep me going so I asked a security guy “How far till I get to immigration?”

He said in broken English “First you walk like 5-10m to get your Visa on arrival, then a little further to immigration” Read:Airport Chronicles: Wizkid, Fine Girls and Disrespectful Immigration

WHAT?! Tears of frustration, regret and pain gathered freely but I wasn’t going to burst in tears at the airport…nah. I made a firm decision to carry my cross and continue on the Israelite journey…I felt really hopeless so I gave in to the pain and wished at that moment, that I was from Edo state.

I walked slowly, dragging my feet when they hurt too much and lifting them when I was a tad relieved.

“Hi. Are you okay?” I heard a soft voice behind me. I looked back, it was a popular Yoruba actress. Her full brows were furrowed as she looked at me with concern.

Temporarily distracted, I thought to myself “this aunty has plenty eye brow sha. She’s so lucky”

To tell the truth or die in pain?

“My legs hurt. I think my feet may have swollen on the plane so these shoes are really uncomfortable right now” I blurted out in a rush. I slapped myself in the brain for explaining too much. I should have just answered “Yes” or “No”.

At this time, we were both standing still as people rushed past and around us.

“Then remove your shoes” She suggested.

“Ah. And walk on my feet? No O” Said the girl who was almost paralysed from knee downwards

“Yes. Who cares? Remove your shoes jor” She insisted, arms akimbo, still concerned.

If this lady was so concerned about me, I must have looked ridiculous from behind.

I removed my shoes and felt instant relief. My bare feet on the floor felt like I was being given foot massage by mother earth. The tears that had gathered in my eyes but stayed put due to pride poured freely, I smiled through it at the actress. She was my saviour, so no shame.

I thanked her and even she looked relieved on my behalf. We both walked in silence to the Visa on arrival machine where I also helped her sort out her Visa as the process was a little complicated.

Walking barefoot had never felt so good in my life.

Back to the present…

I watched the lady in red sole heels struggle and I wondered when it would be appropriate for me to offer my help. How does Victoria Beckham manage to travel in high heels?

I had a pair of slippers in my hand luggage but “the abroad” people may not accept help that easily. So, I walked slowly behind her, smiling widely as I remembered my own episode. It finally got to a point, the lady stopped walking, rested her back on a wall and bent her ankle for relief.

I walked past her, smiled at her, she smiled back at me so I went back to her. “I have a pair of slippers if you won’t mind. I could borrow you and you can give me back when I get to my taxi” I said, smiling again in compassion, she looked so pained. Most of my shoes were in my hand luggage as there was no space anywhere else to put them.

“Thank you” The lady simply said but wouldn’t look at me.

“If it makes you feel better this happened to me too.” I hoped to make her feel better as I removed the slippers from my hand luggage and handed them to her. My feet was slightly bigger than hers but that wasn’t a major problem.

“The stupid things we do for fashion” She finally looked at me.

We walked together to get our luggage and to the taxi stand. In between, I relayed my story to her and she cracked up so bad. I wanted to ask her why she thought it was a good idea to travel in high heels but I didn’t. I knew she didn’t have to learn that lesson twice.

At the taxi stand, she returned my slippers and crossed the road bare foot to the car park where she said her car was parked.

I guess I was able to pay it forward?

Do you how travel in high heels?


13 comments on “Airport Chronicles: How is it A Good Idea To Travel in High Heels?

  1. Temi

    Never, have I travelled in heels. I know the discomfort associated with walking long distances in heels so I don’t dare. I’ll rather a flat shoe or sneakers.


  2. Taiwo

    Lool. If I’m not heading straight to a meeting from the Airport, you can’t catch me dead traveling in high heels. No ma’am. Hand me a pair of flats or sneakers please.


  3. Anonymous

    Hillarious! For me, comfort is so important when travelling. My husband is a bit fancy, we always argue about what i wear to travel.
    Him- Babe, you’d look nicer in heels. Me- Bros, no way!
    Him- Okay, why not wear that fancy jumpsuit. Me- Oga, so that when i want to pee i will spend hours undressing in the toilet abi?


  4. Oge

    Oh my oh my. This used to be a frequent occurrence in Abuja everyone I visited the airport. I just didn’t get why ladies will wear high heeled shoes to fly. But I guess they received sense because it has reduced drastically. Comfort is Bae. The only way wearing heels would work is if you’re flying private or if your flight is very short e.g 30-45 minutes


  5. ?

    Lol ??, what na happened to edo now? Anyway i won’t talk too much since, you write exactly like your in my head. Remember that post about having online peeps that you feel you could be best friends with in reality? thats totally you to me, good job dear i really love your writeups



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