“How To Achieve Lasting Success as an Entrepreneur”- Tony Elumelu

1 October 16, 2017 By Dang

“How To Achieve Lasting Success as an Entrepreneur”- Tony Elumelu

“The first thing I tell people is that you should dream BIG. No limitations, no boundaries; feel free to dream.

The process of translating your dreams to action entails the following:

1. You need to build milestones into your dreams.

2. You must make sure you assemble the right resources.

There are different types of resources you need to assemble for you to accomplish your dreams: some could be financial, others human, it varies.

But it is important that you ask yourselves what you need to accomplish your dreams as an entrepreneur, then you work hard towards putting these in place.

3. Check your milestones from time to time, am I on course? What did I miss? How did I miss it? What can I do to correct it as an entrepreneur?

This is very important. I call it checking yourself from time to time in a realistic fashion Read: “Every Woman Must work no Matter How Small” -Oke Maduewesi, CEO of Zaron Cosmetics

4. Have a mirror. A mirror is someone that you have confidence in, that you can check in with from time to time. When entrepreneurs do well, they mostly have business mentors.

It would also be nice if your mirror is like a mentor, someone who has accomplished something in that field that you can go to from time to time to check with.

5. Finally, you must work hard, to achieve success in life is not rocket science, you just must put in the time.

On hard work, Michael Jackson for instance was renowned for his excellent work ethic, which explains why he remains one of the greatest musicians of all times. Some would think dancing and singing do not require any significant efforts but beneath those enthralling videos and captivating songs are hours and hours of practice and sweat.

When Micheal Jackson was producing the video for ‘Thriller’, one of the ground-breaking music videos of the 80’s, there was an eight-week period where he had to work like slave, staying up days at a time to ensure that everything was perfect.

This is the same type of thoroughness and diligence that you must apply to your business. But let me say that I would be insincere if I attempt to glamourize entrepreneurship or simplify it. It is not simple and as I said, it is a long journey and one that is tough. And the unpopular truth is that only those who have grit and resilience can make it through the end” – Tony Elumelu,Chairman, Heirs Holdings Group and Founder, The Tony Elumelu Foundation

This is an excerpt from Tony Elumelu’s speech at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto


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