Sometimes, Bad Things Happen So Worse Things Don’t Happen

4 October 10, 2017 By Dang

Life as we know is complicated, extremely volatile and sometimes cruel, especially when we don’t deserve the cruelty that comes our way.

I have kept a client for over 5 years, doing my job, going the extra mile and staying consistent while I adapt to change. However, some lady insisted I was a small girl that didn’t deserve to be doing the job for the company. She went all out to take the contract from me because I insisted I wasn’t going to bribe her.

I thought this was a joke initially and I went on doing my business while I prayed. Eventually, she was able to take the contract from me and give it to someone else who would bribe her and whom she could control. When I was told this news that I would have to step away from that Job, I was calm in my spirit…for some minutes…then I broke down.

I didn’t deserve this, I’m a hard worker, straight shooter and I never sleep until I solve a problem. Why was this happening to me? Normally I would pray and dust myself off believing everything would work out but this time, as I lay on the floor, feeling all that chaos inside me, I saw only negativity.

The storm had been brewing for a long time, I thought since I committed it to God, it would stop but it didn’t. It rained, poured with thunder and lightening and took casualties. On one of the days while I was feeling sorry for myself, I slept off on the floor. When I woke up, it was 3am. It was at this time I decided to speak to God, seeing as I had no other option now. And God told me -I heard it clearly in my heart- that I should focus on the other jobs I had on my hands and stop sulking over this one job that was taken away from me.

You see, this other jobs were not that fancy, it’s business but it wasn’t major. However, I picked myself off the floor and went straight to work. Time and time again, I’d feel a stab of pain in my stomach, reminding me of that contract I had lost. But I couldn’t keep dwelling, because… man must chop.

This is what happened when I focused on those other businesses, I became sort after instead of being the one chasing people. This new business, I excelled at without even trying and the best part, I was the only one who could take it from me. The way it’s structured, I had to stop for the business to stop.

That other business that was taken away from me by that lady was so I could focus on that which no one could take from me…that time I was in pain crying over what was lost, I imagined God shaking his head at me. Our knowledge as humans are constrained, our sights are sometimes short and our capacity to see the good in bad situations are limited

If you don’t believe in God, listen to your intuition and understand that it is not a clichè when people say everything happens for a reason. Embrace change, capitalise on it and accept that the bad has happened to stop the worse from happening.


4 comments on “Sometimes, Bad Things Happen So Worse Things Don’t Happen

  1. Anonymous

    This is speaking to me very deeply. I have been applying for jobs for the past year and even with all the ‘connections’, nothing came through. I have felt down and depressed and rejected. In the midst of this, I decided to start a business even though I never saw myself as an entrepreneur.

    Now I am even more inspired and will give it everything I have. Who knows what’s waiting for me on the enterpreneural side of life. Thank you DANG!!!


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