Cabo Travel Diary Day 5: Meet DANG, The Newest Cougar In Town

6 October 10, 2017 By Dang

Look at this Cougar, minding her business and resting…well, this is how I was by myself at the pool yesterday. I wasn’t looking for trouble, just chilling looking for people to chat with for my blog

Here comes these two extremely good looking, very young boys. I figured they were in college because they looked it. I also noticed they broke out of a group to come talk to me

“Hi. I like your braids”. The lanky one said to me. He has Nice hair too
“Thank you” I responded.

They told me they’re from Cleveland Ohio and in their first year of college. They are on holiday with their parents and cousins. The lanky one (Ryan)is 18 and the slightly chubby one (Christopher)is 17.

“How about you? What year are you in college?” Christopher asks me

Ehen? I look young like that? Issokay! Give me a minute to soak that in.

I told them my name “I’m from Nigeria and I’m not in college. I graduated 10 years ago” I addressed both boys
“No wayyyy. How old are you then?”- Asked Christopher

“I’m 34” I said

I saw both of them look at each other, back at me and I was a little taken aback when Christopher actually moved closer to me.

Ah! Look at this boy Read: Meet DANG, Your New Boxing Featherweight Champion, Weighing 69kg and Limping from Over-Sabi

“You’re lying” He said, taking a sip from his Long Island as I could see his confidence grow in leaps and bounds right before me. Ryan backed him up with a nod

“You want to follow me to my room so I can show you my passport?” I smiled indulgently at the toddlers.
“Oh yea, that would be a good idea” Said Christopher

I laughed out loud. A little loud because…Magarita

“Hey Christopher introduce us to your friend” Said a woman who broke out of the same group the toddlers came from. I had seen her initially stand on the bar to dance shamelessly to Prince.

“This is my mum, Rachel. Mum meet my friend from Nigeria” Christopher made the introduction

“Nice to meet you.” I shook the mum and then whispered in her ear “I’m 34 years old. Your son has refused to believe me”

She pulled back and said with a little frown. “Seriously?”

“Yup” Said I

“Christopher. Go and meet your father at the bar…right now” Said the mum after she noticed I was serious

Christopher wasn’t having it. “Why?”

“Because I said so” Replied his mum more sternly.

Christopher actually sulked as he floated away…not to the bar but angrily out of the pool


Ironically, Rachel and I thereafter spent a long time having a very intelligent conversation with herself and her husband, Mike


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