Cabo Travel Diary day 4: Portugal Spies Got Me Shook!

11 October 10, 2017 By Dang

I’m not a drinker. So, a tall glass of margarita can do a lot of damage to my system

I was hungover and woke up with a banging headache in the middle of the night. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to take a walk around the resort.

I hadn’t walked too far from my building when I was greeted by two men walking behind me.

I have noticed in this resort that people are quite friendly and always ask questions about where you’re from and what you do. This didn’t seem strange to me so I was half glad to have company.

“Hey lady, why you walking alone at this time of the night?” Asked one of the two men. I heard an accent but couldn’t place it

“I have a hangover and I’m trying to get some fresh air. I hear it works” I responded, slowing down so they can catch up with me.

“Oh. What did you drink?” The same guy asked me

“Margarita” I said

“You should drink a lot of water. I’m sure you will be okay”

“Where are you from?” I asked them

“Portugal” They both said in Unison

Oh. That’s where the accent comes from.

“I am Afonso and he is Claudio” said the one who has been quiet all along “Is the fresh air helping your hangover?”

“Not yet. But I’ll hang in here for a while”

“Where are you from?” Soft Spoken Afonso asked me.

“Lagos Nigeria. Are you guys enjoying your holiday so far?” I was trying hard to know if they were gay or just friends

“We’re not on holiday. We’re here on an investigation” Said Afonso

Huh? My headache almost disappeared as curiosity took over.

“So what? You’re spies or police?”

“We work with the Goverment” Afonso told me, his voice dropping a notch. Read:Travel Diary: How Not To Get A Speeding Ticket In America

This is a story I would like to write about I told myself. I wonder if they’ll allow me ask them questions and follow them around as they’re looking for the drug Lord. I wonder if they even gave me their real names

“I’m a blogger. Is it okay if I follow you around on this trip and see if I can write about it?”

I wonder why that cracked Afonso up. “No Lady you cannot follow us around but you can tell us more about Nigeria and yourself “

Is like this one is not okay. I should tell a spy about myself. I have not committed any crime but these people can turn an innocent mistake to a big problem.

“Nah. I’m not telling spies about me” I smiled at both of them, ready to start heading back to my block as we had walked quite a distance

“Are you a rich politician’s daughter? I’ve met many of them in Europe. they travel fancy, like you” Claudio asked me, looking really serious


“I am not a rich politician’s daughter. My father is not rich, I grew up poor and I don’t travel fancy” I blurted out. I don’t want any problem. Let me tell them everything now before they start looking into me.

“So how can you afford to come here. What do you do?” Said Claudio as Afonso had become really quiet and was now looking at me funny

I didn’t have my phone, I was by myself with spies from Europe, I felt safe but uncomfortable.

“no comment. I have to get back to my room, I’ll see you guys later” I turned around and headed to my block.

“I think you watch too many movies lady. Our questions are harmless.”

Yinmu! I don’t know what I’ve written on the blog that can cause Portugeuse spies to come for me. Abeg o, no comment. I remained mute, I’m not arand for international police

When Claudio realised I wasn’t going to answer and I was already walking back to my room, he said “We’ll walk you back. How’s your headache?” without waiting for my response, they both turned around and walked with me.

Still mute, I got into the elevator and waved at them.

I wonder if they were messing with me. I didn’t see any guns

Aren’t spies supposed to have guns?


11 comments on “Cabo Travel Diary day 4: Portugal Spies Got Me Shook!

  1. Anonymous

    You made me look crazy laughing to myself while reading this. I’m still trying to picture the kind of look you had on your face with all that going through your mind.


  2. Debby

    Fear Fear! You couldn’t even form small Omo Eko stunts for them…
    I must commend you though, I can’t ever dream of taking a walk all by myself, in the middle of the night, in a strange man’s land.
    No, thank you! Let the Hang Over keep me company instead


  3. Anonymous

    hahaha… this cracked me up big time! Dang! You’re brave o, asking openly if you can follow them around and maybe write about it. Lol. Love your write ups. When are you coming back home?


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