Cabo Travel Diary Day 2: Against My Wish, I Got Dragged Into A Couple’s Marital Problems

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Cabo Travel Diary Day 2: Against My Wish, I Got Dragged Into A Couple’s Marital Problems

It’s been a quiet day so far, there’s going to be a dinner party so I thought to nap a bit. Need to look refreshed for dinner.

I couldn’t sleep much so I get up, put on my bikini and head to the pool. I meet some of my friends there but they’re at the pool bar so I decide to jump in the pool before going to join them for the drinking fest.

I’m a lazy swimmer. After two laps, I turn on my back and rest my head on the edge of the pool. I just want to rest for a bit but that was interrupted by an argument from a couple seated on the lounge chairs behind me. I shut my eyes and shut them out but they were talking really fast and it seemed heated.

“You will not tell me what and what not to do. If I decide to take the job and move, I will. If you decide not to go with me, then fine” said the male voice

“What then happens to my job? Let’s not have this conversation anymore, we have company” Said the lady in a more quiet tone. Read:Cabo Travel Diary Day One: My Ex is Here. When We Were Together, I Was in A Serious Relationship All By Myself

Yes, please stop, I want some quiet.

After a while, I go back to swimming and then back to my position. This time, it was just the lady seated by herself. I close my eyes, ready to relax. Then she says in a typical Oyinbo manner “Hi Lady.”

I don’t respond, I have a feeling she is talking to me but I’m hoping she isn’t.

“I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry you had to hear all that” She said

Okay, she’s definitely talking to me. I open my eyes, turn around, rest my chin on my hands and smile at her. “I didn’t hear anything. I was just trying to nap in the water”

Typical me would have tried to strike a conversation but I’m really not in the mood to butt in or listen to marital problems of strangers that may upset me and take me away from the peaceful zone I’m fighting hard to maintain

“Are you married?” The lady asks

Sigh…This is happening wether I like it or not.

“No. I’m not”

“It’s hard you know, marriage. And nothing seems to be guaranteed, even promises made are broken and life just happens.” Her eyes are misty now, so I get out of the pool and sit beside her. I never spill my guts to strangers but if this lady wants to talk about her marital problems, I’ll listen. I have learnt to take every experience as a potential journal entry. Maybe it will inspire someone or make another laugh.

“I’m sorry”. I say to her as I sit beside her. Not knowing what else to say.

“More than what you heard, there are deeper problems. We came on vacation to see if this can bring back some spark but we fight every day. Sometimes I fight, sometimes, he fights but there’s always something to fight about”


“If I had my way I would have stayed single but my husband was the love of my life. How things went wrong is beyond me.” She continues.

“Have you tried couple’s counselling?” I ask


Silence from both ends.

“We should right?” She looks at me like a light bulb had just come on in her head “I really want to make this work. I just don’t know how”

“I think you should also ask God for wisdom to…” I’m gradually sliding into the advice mode I told myself I shouldn’t.

“I dont believe in God. I believe in my own ability to make things work as much as I can and let it go when I’ve done my best” She cuts in…

That shut me up for a while. I didn’t know what else to say. So I smiled.

“I’ll discuss the marriage counselling with him. We will definitely try it”. The lady said, she seemed to be in a better mood.

She didn’t ask for my name, I didn’t ask for hers.

After some small talk about the resort, She bid me farewell and I got back in the pool.


9 comments on “Cabo Travel Diary Day 2: Against My Wish, I Got Dragged Into A Couple’s Marital Problems

  1. Ree

    This made me smile

    A stranger is the best person to confide in.
    I was going through a rough patch once and I confided in a stranger.
    I dug deep and told her EVERYTHING! My deepest darkest secrets. Stuff that I couldn’t tell anyone in my real life.
    After the conversation I felt like a load had been lifted off. I could see things clearer.

    You should try it sometime.
    PS your blog is popping!


  2. Adeshewa

    Sometimes you just want to talk to someone who won’t remember half of what you said tomorrow or to someone who won’t look at you with eyes of condemnation and judgement. It’s therapeutic


  3. Oge

    Talk about wierd! But you handled it well. Only God knows what i would have done if I was in your shoes, i really hope i would have dished out good advice considering the fact that the person seeking the advice is an ‘oyinbo’ whose race happens to be particularly sensitive. So well done DANG!



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