My Travel Pet Peeves

5 October 02, 2017 By Dang

I don’t complain much but when I travel, there are some situations that drive me nuts.These are my travel pet peeves.

Do not wake me up before 9am: Is traveling, especially for those on vacation not supposed to be a relaxing enjoyable experience?  Discovering and visiting a different part of the world unlike what you are accustomed to at home? The last time I was in Mauritius one of my sisters saw the need to wake me up early for breakfast or work out. Sometimes she even wanted to see the sunrise…Sigh..Why? It’s just wrong. The day I woke up early was the day we went to the meditation room, I assumed my sleep would continue there until the Yoga Lady tried to send me to heaven by force. Thats when I knew, I should never fold under peer pressure.

People Who work out While on Holiday: Errm…. why can’t all of us eat burger and desserts then boycott the gym in solidarity? Why must people work out and make me feel bad for doing slow motion on a holiday? The crazy thing is I always pack my gym wears, deceiving myself that one must keep fit during vacations too but never have I used the gym. So to those of you who work out while on holiday….You’re doing too much please. Cam dan your bothy!

Flight Overhead Bin Hogging: NIGERIANS!!!! Why do we have so much luggage? I get to my seat and open the overhead bin only to find that people have stashed it to the brim. So where should I put my own hand luggage now? I paid for a seat too. Many people simply hog the overhead bins and put their belonging anywhere they choose, not being mindful of others. This is quite inconsiderate.

Stop checking my money to see if it’s fake: I notice when white people give higher denominations, sales girls or hosts don’t look too suspicious but when I give a higher denomination, they look through, run a marker on it, take it to forensics and back and then finally agree I’m not a fraud. This happens a lot in the UK. Even though I know they may have a basis for their actions, I can’t help but look down my nose with a side eye at the culprits.

Baggage Carousel Home Owners: I’m talking about those who get to the baggage carousel and build a mini home there. A family of five are travelling, you all spread yourself by the carousel listing thereby creating less space for some of us who are traveling solo. These people make it impossible to grab your bag and even when you say “excuse me, that’s my bag…” they’re so slow in moving that your bag would have rolled away before you have the chance to pick it up.

What are your travel pet peeves?


5 comments on “My Travel Pet Peeves

  1. Sumbonita

    Lmao @ carousel home owners. I get the not waking up too early but it’s frustrating when you go on vacation and your travel partner demotivates you. Currently on vacation with my sister and all she wants to do is lie around all day. I didn’t travel across Europe to come and laze about. The whole essence of travelling is seeing the world. The hotel pool and beach doesn’t count as seeing the world! Sigh!!!!


  2. Anonymous

    Walai! You are very accurate. I almost slapped someone at Muritala Muhammed Airport last month. They will just be behaving anyhow like we arent all there to get our bags.

    I hate it when people ask where are you from – I reply Nigeria and they go oh Africa! really? some go on to ask some dumb questions about Nigeria sef! I just smile n walk away


    1. Anonymous

      When they ask where are you from and you say Nigeria, and they reply ohh… I always hate where most Nigeria boarding gates are, like in some sort of abandoned space.



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