A Relationship Should be Between Two People, Not the Whole World

2 September 28, 2017 By Dang

It has become too easy to tell the world what we’re doing and with whom. As much as you want to shout it to the heavens, Intimacy means “Very private” “closely personal”. This means that your intimate times with your partner should be shared between you TWO. Giving occasional shout outs to your significant other on social is not a bad thing , but if you feel the need to post every moment of your relationship on social media, It’s likely a sign of a much bigger issue

When you post all these mushy stuff, you are unable to avoid people’s unrealistic expectations of you. There is less pressure when the whole of your friends and their friends and colleagues and some strangers don’t know what’s going on with you. When you want to make decisions, it will be about you, not about what your followers may or may not think

It is sad-but-true that the “likes” people get on their personal Instagram and Facebook pages sometimes directly correlate with their feelings of self-worth. So if you share something really special on social media (i.e., your relationship), you’ll naturally take the feedback to heart. Listen, all it takes to “like” something is a mindless click of a mouse.

Measuring the depth of your relationship by the amount of likes or attention your pictures or videos get can make you resent your relationship especially when people get too busy to “like”

When you post your relationship life on social media, you give people the opportunity to track your life. People who don’t like you will screen shot and scrutinize every detail of the picture until they find something.

Why do you think your relationship deserves to go through such unnecessary scrutiny?

If you’re truly happy and secure in your relationship, you shouldn’t care what anyone thinks.

Actually, you shouldn’t think about them at all. If you want to post something about you and your partner next time, call him or her instead, if he’s with you, go hold his hand. Use your hands to build intimacy in your relationship, don’t use them to break down the privacy walls so everyone can get a front row seat


2 comments on “A Relationship Should be Between Two People, Not the Whole World

  1. Bubbles

    Ive always felt this way about relationships. Not too eager to be out there but my ex felt I was keeping him a secret or that I had something to hide.


  2. V

    I have never understood this… It’s more baffling when it’s not even a “permanent” relationship…. So you post a pic of you and bae in January 2016, by August, y’all have broken up and by February 2017, you have a new bae – then you post another round? And keep going until you find Permanent Boo? Then people will now be calling you all sorts of names because there are pictures of you kissing / sharing intimate momemts of you and your 6 Baes in an 8-year period. Ngwanu…



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