Airport Chronicles: Wizkid, Fine Girls and Disrespectful Immigration

11 September 28, 2017 By Dang

When I got on the plane, I heard some ladies whisper. “Wizkid is on the plane”. My ears lit up real quick. I’m a huge fan so I knew I had to try and disturb him. He was trying hard to remain incognito. Big black hoodie on his small frame was a good idea. But I spotted him ASAP. I went over to him but he was on the phone and seemed to be having a serious conversation so I went back to my seat. I checked again in a few minutes and what do you know, there was a small crowd by his seat.

I joined them but made sure no one was behind me as I wanted an opportunity to chat him up. I must say, he looks so fresh and he acted really respectful, he didn’t seem to be inconvenienced by us but I knew it was some sort of breach of privacy, kudos to him

I took pictures with him, had a little chat and back to my seat I went.

When we arrived London, he was on the queue behind me, I smiled at him, was about to turn away and what did I see, an extremely beautiful young lady that seemed to be attached to his hip. Wizzyyyyy, baba nla, wehdun sir. You seem to have a type huh? Light skinned girls who may or may not be mixed race. I was staring so much I forgot it was my turn to get to boarder control until I was prompted. I have pictures but I’m a fan and a classy lady so I will not post. ( Insert tongue out emoji)

As I got to immigration, I was answering basic questions from the immigration officer when I sneezed. Once, then twice. At this time, the lady looked at me and said in the most condescending nice way“If you’d zip up your jacket to cover your chest you wouldn’t sneeze so much”. My instant reaction was “Excuse you! Is it your chest?” but the all powerful immigration was not to be messed with so I smiled, refused to zip up my jacket and looked away.

Wizkid was right behind me so by the time I was done with the immigration woman, he was already beside me by the next counter. I sat down by the waiting area, waiting for my friend but when she got to me, whizkid had still not been released from the immigration desk. I told her I wondered why they were keeping him. Why will they keep our Wizkid at immigration for minutes and minutes? I checked the time, he’s being there over 7 minutes. These immigration people don’t have respect, did they even google who they’re dealing with? Read: “I Worked Hard and Prepared Myself For The Success That Would Come”- WizKid

Ahn Ahn. What’s that! Me, ordinary citizen didn’t spend up to 2 minutes at immigration but our export product was being questioned for minutes. So in solidarity, the beautiful lady (who may or may not be mixed race), my friend and I waited for for him until he was let go. I had my phone in hand, if for any reason our boy was being treated anyhow, I’ll record and put them on a blast.

But he came out bouncing, no hassles. I breathed a sigh of relief. The beautiful lady (who may or may not be mixed race) was relived too.

He didn’t  send me message. But for all Wizkid fans, I took one for the team.

You’re welcome everyone. 


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