“Be Productive in Your Dry Season” – Vimbai Mutinhiri

0 September 27, 2017 By Dang

“Be Productive in Your Dry Season” – Vimbai Mutinhiri

My season of stillness came right after Big Brother Africa

Now, you’d think that you’ve just come off of this big show. This massive platform. You are famous. Everybody knows your name. It was crazy…petrol attendants to waitresses, lawyers… I mean everybody.

It was an insane level of fame. Especially because I never experienced anything like that in my life

I remember when the President invited us to the State House and he held a Banquet for me and he gave me cash and everybody wanted me. You know, your phone is ringing off the hook and you are in high demand and you say “no I don’t want to do that” “maybe I’ll do that”. I got carried away with it because nobody prepares you for the fact that reality television is not a career. Nobody prepares you for that. So…. it gets to your head

You are out of this world. You are famous. The money is coming. And you almost feel like it will last forever. But it doesn’t. Because just as quickly as that whole hype comes to an end, people will start asking “what does she do anyway?” “What’s your talent? What’s your skill?”

Boy, when things dried up for me, things dried up real good. I mean things dried right up. I just remember knocking on doors. At that time nobody was taking my calls, every single proposal I sent was being turned down. It was just like I had just fallen off of the pedestal of favour. Just like that!

So what are you doing with yourself while you are stuck in that place? You think you are not going forward. You think that everything has come to a stand still around you. But that is literally when the loudest message is happening around you. Are you listening? Are you embracing? Are you learning? Are you strategizing? Because it doesn’t last forever. Because the moment that the silent moment snaps out of place, you don’t want to start moving back. You want to start moving forward

And guess what? When that silent moment, that quiet, still season of your life (some call it the dry season), when it snaps out of place, boom! It catapults you. Stuffs you couldn’t have done in a year, you all of a sudden do in less a year. Just because you used your quiet, still moments productively.

Vimbai Mutinhiri


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