Celebrity Diary Entry: For Two Years I was in a Massive Debt of N22M. Still, I ‘Slayed’ On Instagram. This is How I paid Back Every Kobo

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Celebrity Diary Entry: For Two Years I was in a Massive Debt of N22M. Still, I ‘Slayed’ On Instagram. This is How I paid Back Every Kobo

I am going to share a story I’ve wanted to share for a long time but didn’t know how without being judged. Having read the story of the socks guy who ran into debt, Read The Post Here I could relate and decided to share.

I’m a single mum and unlike many people think, very few entertainers make the amount of money they seem to be making on social media. So, for me, for a long time, the struggle was real. In trying to feed my home and run a business, I ran into a massive debt of 22Million Naira. I was duped for half of it then the rest was bad business decisions. Entertainment was not paying that much, I had to do something.

The 22Million I owed was not from one person, it was from 3 different people who understood initially then began to clamp down on me after 6 months. It is noteworthy for me to say that during this time, no one knew anything. In fact, people accused me on my social media page of doing “Aristo” because it seemed like I was living large. I wasn’t but Instagram is a land of lies and most of us entertainers play in the field. Our PR insists that we look like we’re doing good and never complain to the world. They say it is good for the brand

How did I get out of this debt? Unlike the socks guy, I didn’t have any well-to-do family member. I was determined not to sleep with men and my work was only fetching enough money just for daily living. N22Million is a lot of money so I would lose sleep every night, thinking about it. I was threatened that my matter would be taken to the gossip blogs if I didn’t start paying. I was stuck and there was only one solution for me, to sleep with that rich man that has been promising me heaven on earth.

On my way to Abuja to meet him, I cried and prayed for forgiveness because I had vowed never to dabble in such. Before deciding to travel, I asked him how much I would get for coming to see him or if he would be giving me monthly salary…I was ignorant of how these things worked. he said when I get to him, we would talk. Read: Diary of A Celebrity Wife: Being A Celebrity Wife is Not The Same As Marrying A Regular Guy

I got to his office and I was ushered straight in. As soon as he started making small talk with me, I began to cry. I felt hopeless, like I was there under duress and my life was no longer my own. I immediately went on my knee and asked him to help me. I told him I would run his errands, be his PA, anything I could do except sleep with him. I told him I was in debt and I needed business or some sort of job to begin to pay back. He was silent for a long time but held my hand as I cried and knelt at his feet.

This is the question that saved my life: “If I give you a distribution contract will you be able to do it?”

I said I could do it. He asked again if I was sure i wanted to work instead of making me his mistress. I told him I would rather make money and also make him some money.

I became a distributor for his company. He also insisted his sales people introduce me to customers. Being quite a famous face helped me to sell these products faster than everyone else. The first money I made was N3.2m and I used it all to begin paying my debt. I was a happier mother and a more present one, I did my job better too and even my colleagues noticed

I am now free of debt.

Being in debt is not bad in itself but getting yourself out without compromising yourself brings so much satisfaction and joy. I hope ladies read this and know that you have a choice. That when you’re determined not to sell your body, God will come through for you. If you don’t believe in God, you determination will bring forth positive energy and the stars will align in your favor. It will be hard but hang in there, your breakthrough will be sweet.

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8 comments on “Celebrity Diary Entry: For Two Years I was in a Massive Debt of N22M. Still, I ‘Slayed’ On Instagram. This is How I paid Back Every Kobo

  1. Diamond

    I am so happy for her . Things do happen for our own good somehow . The more I read these articles , the more I come to the understanding that Instagram is a hub of male belief , everyone is just trying to look as if their lives are perfect when truly , it isn’t


  2. Flow...

    who died and made anyone a judge? Yes. Nobody wants to sell their bodies to make a living (at least most people anyways) but scratch that sh*t… life happens.

    The world is an unfair place and not everyone gets what they deserve in life. Life can throw you ill-luck and not everyone’s story has a happy ending. When your story is a positive one, like hers, we celebrate with you and thank God for your life… but, in this world we live in, sh*t happens and people make choices that aren’t the most palatable or moral. May the stars shine upon our feet and the moon light our paths.


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