Dear Queen: An Open Letter To Women Frustrated With Being Single

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Dear Queen: An Open Letter To Women Frustrated With Being Single

Just days away from the new year, I sat and fought back tears after being dumped by a man that I had been seeing for a couple of months. Although the split was amicable, I was still very angry over the idea that once again, I was ending the old year and beginning the New Year single.

With hot tears beginning to stream down my face, I angrily asked God why he kept sending me men that were not worthy of my heart or time. Luckily within that same thought I quickly apologized and realized that He makes no mistakes. Still pint up with frustration and sorrow I decided that the most therapeutic thing for me to do was to write an open letter to any woman who was feeling distraught over why Mr. Right hadn’t come into her life yet.

Dear Queen,

I am penning this open letter to you and any individual who is sad, upset, or angry and frustrated with being single.

Two words: DON’T BE.

Always remember that what is for you, will ALWAYS be for you my Queen.

When the timing is right and the chemistry is real, there will never be a single doubt that this is the right man for you.

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Now remember, a love so great will take time, Queen, but just know that YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.

The man that God has prepared for you will never judge you from your past or previous mistakes. He will not “nit-pick” or break down your character in an attempt to change you into something that you are not. Lastly, He will not manipulate you into thinking that your love will never be good enough. Instead, He will be your light in a world full of darkness. He will be your shield during the moments when you cannot even shield yourself. He will be the warmth you have always needed when your heart had felt so cold and empty after so many let downs and disappointments.

You see, my Queen, this type of man will not devalue you as a woman when you express your feelings by labeling you a “drama queen” “argumentative” “crazy” or “emotional.” In contrast, he will value your feelings and will also appreciate your expression for you both share the common end goal of having a beautiful, peaceful, long lasting relationship.

So as you prepare to achieve your goals and elevate your standards…continue to radiate your beauty, intelligence, cunningness and kindness for your King will naturally gravitate towards you with an open heart, mind and spirit.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yes ooo. The man for you will define the relationship from day one, he won’t have you confused or put you in a state of endurance.


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