Nigeria’s Population: Should The Nigerian Government Control the rate of Population Growth?

2 September 21, 2017 By Dang

Nigeria’s Population: Should the Nigerian Government control the rate of Population Growth?

During the week I stopped by a ghetto area in Apapa to do some business. I saw a woman was seated outside her ”face me I face you house”, scolding her 5 kids while pregnant with the 6th. After confirming that she was the mother to five children and one more on the way, I wondered how people living in abject poverty keep bearing kids while the middle and upper class are mostly refusing to have more than 3 children
At the risk of sounding snotty, shouldn’t the government save them from themselves? I am concerned about Nigeria’s population growth and its effects on poverty, lifestyle, the quality of life and political stability

On the other hand, I worry about the Nigerian government because our politicians seem to think Nigeria’s population is advantageous to them , especially as there are more poor and illiterate people. This means they can be easily manipulated by money and empty promises

I know some may argue that the government should step up and educate people on family planning, but Babangida “seemingly” worked hard on that, it didn’t yield much results as many poor women kept on having babies. Read: Acute Sense of Helplessness and Hopelessness: This is The Nigerian Disease

Sometimes, when I write articles like this, I give up halfway. The government that rule us has made all (unsolicited) solutions I can proffer seem impossible. I have grown not to trust the government and their capabilities to raise the status of the poor.

Still, I wonder, how do we let these women know that the number of children they can bear is not a legitimate measure of their strength, that the less kids they have, the better the chances of those kids making it out of the poverty zone

I am torn myself, because I wonder if it’s not infringement on people’s rights to insist on how they grow their family. I also know that a poor family has very little chance of crossing the poverty line if they keep churning out children without control

I have worn myself out already. What do you think can be one?


2 comments on “Nigeria’s Population: Should The Nigerian Government Control the rate of Population Growth?

  1. Adeshewa

    It’s a tough topic to deal with. It’s border line infringement on their fundamental rights but someone needs to save them from themselves. I’m with you on this one


  2. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this article. I worry so much about our growing population admist scarce resources. I have jokingly said to friends, “Nigeria needs to adopt the China style, pass a law to enforce a max of two children per couple for the next 10-15 years at least.” I shudder at the population size in 2025 if we continue at this growth rate.



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