My Tattoo and Its Consequences: I am a Good Girl With a Tattoo But Nigerian Men Would Rather Date Bad Girls Without One

9 September 20, 2017 By Dang

My Tattoo and Its Consequences

I wonder where I should start from. It is important that you understand how I feel about. I schooled abroad from my secondary school so you may probably understand the culture shock I encountered when I got back ti Nigeria. I came back him e at the instruction of my dad to settle here and get a job but coming home was a rude shock for me.

I have a thin line of tattoo running from my neck line down to my butt crack. It spells out a bible passage close to my heart because it was hat my mum insisted on writing on her grave before she died. When I got the tattoo, everyone said it was nice, not that I did it for them but I never heard bad word from even my family members. But then, I came to Nigeria and I could not believe what I was made to go through.

Because of work, I cover up but when I am away from work, i never bother to cover it. II find that Most guys assume I’m cheap or irresponsible or both. Initially I tried to explain that a tattoo does not describe my individuality but I got tired and just let people believe what they want.

I dated a guy who I thought didn’t mind my tattoo but whenever we visited his parents, he would insist I cover up. I later realized he was ashamed of me having a tattoo which led me to break up with him. He has now married a girl without a tattoo ho has cheated on him twice in their marriage

Why are Nigerians so hypocritical? Why does a tattoo mater so much?

Having art on my skin does not mean my heart is black. It doesn’t change my individualism and my core. Nigerians, I have come to understand are hypocrites and I get so angry at how perceptions change about me as soon as people, especially men see my tattoo.

I find it really rude when people say “why did you get a tattoo?” Like why did I choose to commit murder. I wanted a tattoo since I was 14 but my parents didn’t allow it until I turned 21. It was for no reason at all but the fact that I was fascinated by it. I chose them, I am 100% confident in my decisions and I have no apologies.

Judging a group of people based on a choice they made, without giving the individual any responsibility for their choice is bad. I am not irresponsible, I am educated and have a well paid job, it is is frustrating that this treatment is meted to me here in Nigeria. A guy once told me, “If you were smart, you wouldn’t get a tattoo.”

I told him, “If you were smart, you’d get to know me first”.

Written by Liz T. For

P.S: The Image is not Liz.


9 comments on “My Tattoo and Its Consequences: I am a Good Girl With a Tattoo But Nigerian Men Would Rather Date Bad Girls Without One

  1. Eleanor

    Trust me, I know how you feel. I totally can relate cos I’ve got a tattoo. A lil bloomingrose on my leg,close to the angle And i will gladly lose any myopic human cos if it. Its their lose, their bad not mine.


  2. Yummychick

    Story of life … pple judge without even getting to know u as a person . I v a tattoo at my lower back n all covered cos i just like tattoos. Once some pple see it , the perspective they v abt me will just change as if m a jezebel


  3. fumz

    I have not met this people. I got a tattoo after university and recently got another one to surprise le hubs and he loves it. Le hubs has my name tattooed on his body in 2 different places. I guess we are perfectly bad for each other.


  4. Anonymous

    Poor Liz… I feel sorry for her plight.. It’s so easy for us to judge others by their appearances.. With time she’ll find the right person but patience is very key


  5. Ejeye

    This is the story and my life… I have had a tattoo since I was 17 and since then I am a spoilt brat, useless guys meeting you and straight ? ask if I smoke or take cocaine or I have slept with the whole Nigeria. It’s very Annoying, mine is on my neck and hand but I have chosen to not listen. Funny enough I am the opposite of everything they think of. God has blessed me with a man that loves it and isn’t ashamed of me. You will meet a reasonable one soon, trust me.



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