Lies Men tell Women: My Hilarious Personal Experience

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Lies Men Tell

One Saturday morning I went to see my boyfriend (now ex- we will call him Bobo) and I decided to change the bedsheet, it looked unkempt. I saw a condom wrap casually tucked on the edge of the bed with the oil still fresh

I asked bobo and he said “I think the cleaner is bringing men into this room when I’m not around. We should fire her”. I did not believe him

Later that evening while he was in the bathroom I checked his phone and saw a chat BTW him and some girl. He told her I found the condom wrap but it’s sorted. She said “Told you I didn’t want us to have sex in your house “. Bobo replied “don’t worry I sorted it” Read: Why Letting Go of “The One” is Okay

Instead of applying common sense and send the message to myself, anger made me shove the phone in bobo’s face as soon as he was out of the bathroom. Bobo took the phone from me, looked at the message, deleted it, gave the phone back to me and asked “What message are you talking about? I can’t see anything”

“Ahhhhhhhhh Bobo you are going to hell! ” I screamed.

I can laugh about it now…what is your version of “lies men tell”


11 comments on “Lies Men tell Women: My Hilarious Personal Experience

  1. Anonymous

    Chisos is Lord!!!!! What a bloody deadly mothereffing liar AH AHN!!!! He will definitely be a prefect in hell chai


  2. Anonymous

    found a condom in the car and of course he said his friend put it there. Found two in the house and one pack was freshly opened. He said he wanted ti check if the lube was enough as it was a strange brand. smh


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  4. Anonymous

    Lmao!!! Your blog is the only one i actually bother to check out. It’s the bomb.
    Fact that it’s so realistic and from personal experiences told in a down to earth “how i’d actually gist to my girlfriends” manner makes it a worthwhile experience. well done DANG.


  5. Anonymous

    He asked how to like instagram pictures since he’s new on it, showed him. He liked his friends pic, scrolled down saw mine and kept scrolling. His excuse was he already sent the pic to him and he’s not a social media person?



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