The Nigerian Who Leads Twitter Software Engineering Department: Meet Boluwatife Aiki-Raji

0 September 18, 2017 By Dang

Twitter recently hired a young, brilliant, Nigerian, Boluwatife Aiki-Raji as lead Software Engineer immediately after his graduation from Howard University.

Before attending Howard University, Bolu Aiki Raji attended a technical school after graduating from high school at Olashore International School in Nigeria. Thereafter he proceeded to study computer science in Howard university.

Determined to get experience in technology and engineering, Bolu Aiki-Raji secured internship positions each summer at large companies such as Google, Toyota, as well as Pittsburg’s Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections. Read:The Only Combined Cardiologist and Nephrologist (Heart and Kidney)Specialist in the World is a Nigerian, Dr. Olurotimi Badero

One of his professors, professor Robert Rwebangira had this to say about him “Aiki-Raji was one of my most diligent students, always engaged in class and was very interested in material, he didn’t just want to know theory. He was interested in the application as well. During the semester, he would take advantage of opportunities to work on research projects with other professors to make sure he was always learning more about computer science.

“Aiki Raji’s KFI fraternity brother and mentor who has always been of help to him, Emmanuel Ademuwagun also had this to say about him “It has been such an honor mentoring him throughout his time in college, he is intelligent because he doesn’t assume he knows everything. He is a quick learner who is extremely open to feedback and somehow maintains a burning desire to learn and grow. Bolu Aiki-Raji’s advice to students interested in majoring in computer science is “work hard, don’t take shortcuts, do your work, and enjoy the process.

“I know the position at Twitter will give me an opportunity to help other computer science majors like myself sometime down the line. I am also happy because I believe I have made my parents proud.”- BOluwatife Aiki-Raji


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