The Residence Mauritius Hotel: Thank You for Giving Me Freely The Things I Would Have “Taken”

5 September 06, 2017 By Dang

The Residence Mauritius Hotel: Thank You for Giving Me Freely The Things I Would Have “Taken”

As some of you may know, I don’t like hotels that tight things to their chest…Like luxury soaps, fluffy towels etc. I remember one time, a woman was sentenced up to three months in jail just for “taking” a towel from her hotel in Abuja. I digress…

Stepping into my room for the first time at The Residence Mauritius Hotel, I already saw the size of the room before I booked the hotel, but I was still pleasantly shocked at how spacious and beautiful it was. The bathroom was my dream bathroom: Huge shower stall, big bath tub, classy and beautiful with a gazillion mirrors. Every room in the hotel comes with its balcony and the ocean view makes you want to sit, stretch your legs and give God all the Glory

But, I just wanted to shower and sleep due to 13 hours of flight time from Lagos to Mauritius. I was so tired I couldn’t even lather on my shower gel. My eyes caught the soap in the bathroom. It looked luxurious, it looked different. Of course I decided to use it and it felt awesome… like black soap mixed with oats to give you a feeling you’re gently scrubbing your skin. I smelt goat milk in in too. I knew I was definitely pocketing that soap the next day after room service round

I got back to the room the next day, ready to throw the new soap in my box, only to find out it wasn’t replaced. Quickly, I put the used soap in my bathroom bag and called the butler (oh yes there was one butler assigned to two rooms, how awesome). “Hello, my soap was not replaced and I need to shower, could you…” “Right away miss!” Said the butler before I could complete my request. New soap, was delivered, I dropped it in my luggage and proceeded to use the old one Mauritius Travel diary Day 3: Hammam Bath is Naked Bath

The next day, I checked again, soap was not replaced. I called the butler to complain but this time when he arrived at my door, the first thing I noticed was his wide indulgent smile, then his open hands filled with SOAPS…like seven of them. “Madam I see you like our soap, please take these complimentary of the hotel”.

Abuja hotel that arrested somebody for taking one towel, please come and see your life outside.

Should I have been embarrassed?

Should I have been offended?

Hella No! “Mr. butler, you shall be fortunate in life” I silently prayed. I smiled in gratitude, raised the hem of my lounge wear and received my luxury soaps without shame. There are hotels and there is The Residence Mauritius Hotel!

The Residence Mauritius Hotel has the best pools and pool side attendants. As soon as you’re stepping out of the pool, there’s someone handing you a towel, bringing you a drinks menu, opening or closing the shade as at when due. The beach has the cleanest water in Mauritius too, this is because The Residence Mauritius is far from town and mainly for those who want to relax without city noise but still have fun

Did I mention water is free? Even in the A la carte restaurant you can request for as many bottles of water without being charged while dining. At this point, you may have realized I like free things

I have stayed in many nice hotels but never seen a hotel staff this gracious, respectful and attentive. The attention to detail at The Residence Mauritius Spa cannot be out matched. It felt like they were trained to read your body language. The attention to detail at The Residence Mauritius Spa cannot be out matched.

This hotel asides from being beautiful is welcoming. It is affordable too. Click here to Visit their website


5 comments on “The Residence Mauritius Hotel: Thank You for Giving Me Freely The Things I Would Have “Taken”

  1. Anonymous

    You sold it to me darl- how lovely…unlike the god awful hotel we just stayed in Malta! Sunny Coast resort- please do not stay there!


  2. Anonymous

    Stayed in ibis hotel Lagos and small bottle water was 500 and 1k to deliver it to my room. Next day I ran to a supper market and bought a full pack. I no fit shout


  3. UdaleQueen

    I read this article and my mind has been fantasizing….. i need to save up money for an abroad treat someday…. it might take years to save up but i have made up my mind to.


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