This is What Happens When You’re Trying to Help Your Single Friend Find a Man

0 September 05, 2017 By Dang

Not being one to leave our girls hanging, most times we’re willing to do any and everything to help our friend find “the one,” but date after date, year after year, our inclusion in the struggle can start to be as daunting as actually dating ourselves.

See at some point, you’re going to realize the problem isn’t just men, as your girl would have you think, she actually has some stuff she needs to work on too. And even though you’ve told her this a million times, until she actually receives that message, you’re going to be stuck dealing with all of her mess. Here are 10 struggles that come with trying to help your girl find a man.

Listening to her delusions of grandeur
So you really thought he was going to take you on a magic carpet ride around the city for your first date? And now you have the nerve to be disappointed and want to cut this guy off? I’m not following.

She doesn’t know what she wants but you’re supposed to help her find it
You: So what are you looking for?

Her: Ummmm….

You: Ok, sis

You told her she should do A&B; she decided to do C instead
So did you really want my advice –or nah?

Watching her self-sabotage
Not being 6’3? was really that big of a dealbreaker huh?

Seeing her do too much too fast

This man is still a stranger. Duhhh

Finding fault with everyone but herself
Her: “So I cussed him out and he had the nerve to say he doesn’t want to see me again!” Can you believe that?”

You: Um, yes I can actually.

Watching her play the sidelines
She tells you she wants to talk to a guy you see when you’re out, you hype her up to do it for a good 10 minutes, you spend the whole drive home listening to her whine about how she should’ve made a move when she had a chance.


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