Do Pretty Girls Get Ahead Faster in Business/ Career?

1 August 28, 2017 By Dang

When I was in paid employment, my boss hired a very pretty girl. I as a girl would look at her and marvel at how pretty she was. This lady didn’t need to shave her brows, it was already perfect, she had a round face, clear skin and a beautiful smile. First day she came in, she was dressed up super nice. If she contested for miss Nigeria, she would win hands down
Me? I was struggling with my brows, today i’ll arch it well and the next, my arching skills will disappoint me. My skin was terrible because I was deceived into thinking sheer butter alone is good enough for the skin until I found out what you eat clears your skin better than what you rub on it. Anyway, I wasn’t as pretty and I didn’t dress up as nice
The first day I went to a meeting with her, I could see the men losing their cool and struggling to seem charming towards her. I stood back and smiled. I already told her she would cause mayhem, she told me she was used to it. She was right, she handled them with class. When they finally had my time, they didn’t spend so long trying to impress me with their charm
During the meeting, they would ask her questions, I would answer and gradually, the men didn’t bother asking her anymore, they turned to me when the real business questions needed answering. This happened continuously and I really didn’t care as long as the job got done
My pretty colleague would say “here, I bought this dress for you. You have a lovely shape, you don’t show it off enough”. Sometimes she would buy stuff for me and demand I pay. I saw what she was doing, she wanted me to appear better and even though I knew I had the brains, I also knew bettering my appearance would not hurt

Gradually, my appearance changed. Not in terms of make-up but I chose my outfits more carefully, I took care of my hair more and ditched the flats. This time, even when I go to meetings on my own, it was easier. But at the end of the day, people were always more impressed with my intellect
Pretty girls may get their foot first in the door but the only way they’ll get a head start is if they have brains to go along with it. So when a woman is pretty with brains, yes, she will get ahead faster especially when she knows what she’s working it.


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