How Badly Do You Desire Success?

1 August 27, 2017 By Dang

Four years ago, When I started my business, I was confident of my ability to sell ice to an eskimo and I assumed people in my industry already knew this, So I started off thinking people owed me something. I slept in, made phone calls and did the basics. In my mind, I was working hard, doing all I could possibly do, so I wondered why things were a little slow

This was the real world now and no one was willing to play with their money. I had voluntarily ventured into this dog eat dog world, assuming I was a big dog but here I was, being chewed up and spat out repeatedly

I complained to a very senior colleague and he said “Going out on your own is different from being an employee. Are you sure in your heart you’re doing what it takes for as long as it takes? If the reason you resigned is to do what you want when you want, then you’re in for a rude shock”

I didn’t like his tone at all. “What does this guy think I’ve been doing? Instead of helping me he’s undermining my effort” I thought angrily

When things remained quite slow, my thought travelled back to that advice, so I decided to change my approach. I realized doing the same thing and expecting a different result was foolish. I humbled myself, made a decision to go the extra extra mile, stepped out of my comfort zone, stayed connected to my network and started making strategic moves

Sometimes when the odds were stacked up against me, I fought through and persevered. Taking blows that left me bleeding, enduring hardships and, most importantly, standing up again and again to fight

I was ready to do whatever it took – for as long as it takes – to make my dreams come true. Above all, I wanted to be proud of myself. This decision has changed my life

Would you stay up all night writing a proposal that you have a slim chance of winning and spend the entire day calling clients who won’t give you the time of day? Would you keep calling and not think yourself a nuisance until one person gets worn out and responds?

The ones that actually have the guts and desire, go down this difficult path. Like everything else, expertise relies on experience

If one goes doesn’t work out, learn from it, regroup and start over. The decision to do what it takes does not fully develop in one day but as this decision is taken one day at a time, success becomes a habit


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