Mauritius Travel Diary Day 4: Scuba Diving, Under Sea Walk and Two Cute Boys. Part 1

4 August 23, 2017 By Dang

All my life I have always wanted to scuba dive. In Mauritius, I decided it was time, seeing as I had already done a lot of water sports and was no more afraid of the deep end of the sea.

After getting into our gear, Kuala, our main instructor patiently instructed us on how to use our oxygen masks, sign languages under water and basically let us know that if you relax under water, you will have no problems.

On my way to drop off my phone in the boat house after recording Kuala’s instructions, I bumped into Romano.He is super cute. He smiled politely at me, I didn’t smile back immediately but when I regained the part of my brain that controlled good manners, I smiled back and dropped my phone in my bag. “Oh Lord, let him be one of our instructors” I silently prayed.

Stepping out to meet the crew, my sister nudged me and said “who is that cute boy?” “you’re married madam, face front” Ain’t nobody about to have a sibling rivalry up in here over Mr. cutie

It was diving time, as we got to the boat that would take us to the ocean, there was my Romano, manning the steering. Oh the joy! The ways of the Lord are mysterious. He grabbed on to my hand, smiled at me again and held on to it for longer than necessary. Oh yea, Romano was definitely feeling me. From that moment on, I ignored everyone else. “Romano could you take our picture?” “Romano why are you so cute?” “Romano do you like Nigerian music?”

This particular information was important to me as I needed my future husband to at least like the music I like. “Oh yes, I like flavour and tuface” said Romano while trying to remember a Tubaba song. Wow! What is this life?This cannot be a coincidence.

When it was time to get into the water, I gave Romano my phone to take pictures and videos. He took the phone from me and grazed my fingers while at it. I looked up at him to be sure it wasn’t a mistake. This time, Romano smiled confidently and looked me in the eye.

It was at that time I knew…Romano was in lust with me

Oh My chwest! My heart beat so hard it shut down my brain from thinking.

Getting into and under the sea is an experience I will never forget in my life. Seeing the sea life, the peace down there and how clean it is…I got so lost in God’s greatness I forgot to move. I had to be pushed forward by Kuala when he noticed I had frozen. I really wanted to stop time. I unconsciously started chanting Psalm 8 in my head. I was so in awe. I still am

Getting back on shore, activities took over and I forgot Romano for a bit. When it was time for under sea walk, I saw Romano and he waved at me from his boat. I waved back and walked over to his side of the beach. As I got closer to him, his friend started singing “Nigerian girllll, you know that you came in and changed my world…”. Romano swayed to the song and took my hand, trying to make me dance with him to his friend’s tuneless song.

“You’re so beautiful. When are you leaving?” he whispered in my ear

It was at that time I also knew, this Romano is a Mauritius Demon.


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