As We Gain Confidence in Ourselves, Red Flags are No Longer Red Flags, They are Deal Breakers

0 August 17, 2017 By Dang

When most people see red flags, they don’t do anything about it at the time. You just keep going because you were so excited about the possibilities and didn’t want to see what you’d seen. You told yourself that you probably were wrong or over-reacting. If they gave you explanations for what they’d done or said, you gave them the benefit of the doubt because everything else they did indicated that they were a good person. You told yourself that it would be fine and that they were fine…

This is not the same for a woman who has gained real confidence in herself. She trusts her instincts because they’ve been tried and then trusted. When a woman is already meeting her own emotional , financial, health, career/business , spiritual needs, it will be hard for her to ignore red flags. You have come on to your own, you are fully present in your life and not expecting anyone else to take responsibility for it. So, you become protective of yourself, your heart and your space. Toxicity, mind games and emotional chaos are not attractive to you, they are unnecessary drama.

The most common reason people ignore red flags in relationships and decide to “try and change the man” is the fear of being alone. Initially it can be very hard and painful to be alone because we are naturally built to be in love and bonded with another. Keep in mind that before you can have a successful and fulfilling relationship with another, it is vital you develop a solid relationship with yourself. Learn from experience and know what you really want, understand what you admire about people and what feeds your soul.

This woman now wants what feeds her soul, the relationships she gets into are no longer for the society, friends or family. She chooses to be with someone, for HER. She understands that the quality of her life has nothing to do with her being married or single. For this reason, She dreads anything that’ll negate the peace her life has finally settled on.

Now, she recognizes red flags and is not hesitant about bidding the bearer good bye. She is not afraid to be alone, the value of being with someone means more than companionship now and her self worth is more important than instant gratification.


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