It’s 7 Days to my vacation!!! #DANGAdventures: Hello Mauritius

1 August 12, 2017 By Dang

I have never been to Mauritius but I have seen beautiful pictures. I’ll be spending 6 days there with my sisters and I can’t wait for the things we’ll get up to. A colleague told me there are many fine boys in Mauritius, also upwardly mobile young men from all over the world visit Mauritius all year round

I have stopped eating Noodles and Spaghetti, Rice is now once in two days. Boxing is too hard jor, so I won’t go today, my hands are killing me. I don’t want to rely on ‘suck belle’ because I’m too playful so I’m sure I’ll forget myself. Eating right and exercising is my motto this week

I want to be able to walk to the bar filled with fine boys confidently, ask for Mojito and “mistakenly” spill it on a man of my choice. Then stand akimbo in shock! “oh my goodness I’m so sorry”. Imagine him having a 6 pack and I’m trying so hard to wipe the Mojito off him. Jaayyyssssuuuu! “Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay” He’ll say to me. Then I look up from sexually harassing him, batting my lashes innocently. “Are you sure? What can I do to make up for this?” I ask, forming shyness, not looking at him but looking at him. “Will you walk on the beach with me” says 6 pack stranger. I form indifference “yea, why not?”

There goes yours truly, hand in hand with bae on white sand and clear beach, deciding our future right away

One time I went on a date with a pilot in New York, he was the pilot of the flight I was on. My sister wouldn’t stop calling my phone, telling me to be careful, asking me to make sure we remain in a public place, in fact she wanted to follow me but I gave her “the look” so she backed down. So, PUBLIC WARNING to my sisters (I know you people are reading) Kindly respect my life on this trip and allow me to be great. I know your mission will be to watch me hand and foot

I pledge to DANG community (palm flat on my chest) to update you daily with pictures, Insta stories and worthy articles if necessary

Rubbing my hands together in anticipation…y’all know I’m going to be a trouble maker on this trip.


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