Girls Trip: The Strength of Black Women, The Bond Between friends, The Funniest Chick Flick in Recent Times

2 August 12, 2017 By Dang

Girls Trip: The Strength of Black Women, The Bond Between friends, The Funniest Chic Flick in Recent Times

What I hate most in this life is sitting beside couples at the movies. Why must they kiss and neck even in action movies? Anyone that can kiss during action movie should just go ahead and act pornography. I mean…what’s romantic about action movies? I sat down in my corner but the screen room was full so no solitude for me. A couple sat beside me but they kept kissing and were so loud about it. I could hear the “kpathcha kpatcha” sound. The only way this would have been acceptable is if I was also doing the same thing. But I was by myself so no way to retaliate! The movie was interesting enough so I managed to block them out.

Girls trip is about 4 college friends who drifted apart as they grew older but decided to spend 3 days together for an event. Regina Hall is Ryan, a successful author who portrays a perfect life to her readers, telling them she has it all while her marriage was falling apart. Jada Pinkett Smith (Lisa) is the momma bear: Reserved, hates conflicts and works too hard. Queen Latifah (Sasha) is the broke gossip blogger who is always in debt. Tiffany Haddish (Dina) is the fire cracker friend. That friend who has no inhibitions, loves to have fun but still will catch a grenade for her friends.

I may not have seen a more raunchier movie in recent times. Girls trip cracked me up from start to finish, if you’re a prude, (no offense) you may get seriously offended by the lewd and sexual language flying around in this movie. Truth is, this is as realistic as a movie can dare to be. There were some exaggerated scenes but it was for humor sake, so I’ll ignore that.

Friendships have strains and when we sweep conflict under the rug, it simmers, boils and eventually blows up in our face. As these four friends manage to ignore their grievances towards each other, they partied, had so much fun and Lisa the mama bear finally let loose. It is exciting to see what we all can achieve with a little push from those who love us and in this case -maybe not so little- weed.

Dina the fun loving friend bought a weed mixture on a road side and mixed it in her friends’ drinks before they set out to the club. No, this is not “hangover” reloaded. The things the girls got up to was even more hilarious and creative. There is no denying the chemistry between the cast.

The grievances they had towards each other finally erupted and it was time to speak truthfully with one another. So many hurtful things were said in anger but the bond and loyalty they shared eventually brought them back together.

‘Girls Trip’ reminds me of a time my friends and I holidayed in dubai and Kayash Travels hosted us. Picture this: Black girls, on a boat, dancing to loud African music. We must have looked exotic. So when another boat cruised by carrying a gazillion Asians who took pictures of us like we were special, we waved at them and I screamed “we are princesses from Africa”. Wawu! Their smile widened as they got seriously excited and waved back in adulation.

I digress…

This movie is rated R.


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