The Thing About Nice Guys Is…Girls Don’t Want Them, Only Women Do

3 August 11, 2017 By Dang

Nice guys have a bad rep. They are the ones who text you immediately to let you know they had a great time with you and would love to see you again.

Nice guys have the reputation of coming on too strong or caring too much.

They are the ones telling you exactly how they feel.

But this should be what we want and are looking for in a relationship.
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Date the guy who drives you home regardless of how late it is and how out of the way you might be.

Date the guy who keeps his word and shows up.

Date the guy who cares and isn’t afraid to show it.

We take nice guys for granted.

They are the ones who answer immediately and don’t play hard to get because they don’t believe dating should be a game.

These are the guys who are kind and respectful yet a lot of people reject them.

We’ve been conditioned to be attracted to the people who are a little more complicated. The one who keeps you guessing.

The ones who know exactly what to say and when to say it you keep you wanting more. The one you know is talking to more than just you but you choose to be naive.

Stop choosing the wrong people and start picking the right one.

Date the guy who is too nice.

Learn to value that. Learn to appreciate that.

Because nice guys are rare.

To every genuinely nice guy, I ask you not to change. And I know with every let down and broken heart you underplay you’re getting tired of it.

But I promise you if you just keep being nice and keep treating people exactly how you’ve been been treating them, you’re going to meet someone who is right there with you.

You are going to be her only choice and she’s going to realize she’s the lucky one.

She’s going to count her blessing someone else didn’t appreciate you the way you deserved because now she gets to.

Nice guys have bad reps because girls don’t want nice guys. Women do.
And that’s the difference right there.

Written by Kirsten Corley


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