Graphic Images! #hotwaterchallenge: 12 Year Old Pours Hot Boiling Water on 11 Year Old During A Sleep Over

0 August 11, 2017 By Dang

#hotwaterchallenge A 12-year old girl has been charged with assault after pouring boiling water onto the face of an 11-year old girl at a sleepover.

Jamoneisha Merritt was rushed to the Harlem Hospital burn unit after suffering second degree burns to her face and shoulders.

On the morning of the incident, Merritt spent the night at her friend’s home near Findlay Avenue and East 166th Street. According to NY Daily News, Merritt and the 12-year-old girl had been arguing. Aniya Grant warned Merritt that if she went to sleep something would happen to her. Shortly after, Merritt was woken up by scorching hot water and rushed to the hospital with second degree burns.

Since the incident, Aniya has been placed on suicide watch. “My daughter tried to stab herself with a knife, said Aniya’s mom. “It was a prank-not a good prank. After seeing what she did to Jamoneisha was really wrong, she tried to kill herself.”

The girl’s family say the pair were best friends and that the 12-year-old was carrying out the ‘hot water challenge’, a worrying social media prank which involves tossing scalding water on an unsuspecting victim.


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