Movie Review: Banana Island Ghost

0 August 06, 2017 By Dang

Banana Island Ghost is an action comedy directed by BB Sasore. The movie stars Chioma “Chigul” Omeruwa as Ijeoma, Bimbo Manuel as God and Patrick Diabuah as Ghost Patrick. Other actors include Saidi Balogun, Ali Nuhu and Tina Mba.

First, let me quickly point out, this Ali Nuhu is fine! I mean…when he appeared on screen I wondered “who is this guy? why so fine in life?” So I googled and found it’s the same Ali Nuhu the Hausa actor. He has my attention now for sure.

Comedies are selling fast, Nigerians like to laugh because we have too many issues in our country so we would accept whatever will distract us from our failing state.

Here comes Banana Island Ghost, a movie about Patrick, who dies in a car accident and is received by God while in transit. Patrick wasn’t ready, he needed more time to find his soul mate before he finally joined God in heaven. So, God gave him 3 days to meet someone, fall in love and take the person to heaven with him

Patrick wanted a girl like Kim Kardashian but God gave him a girl like Ijeoma: On the big side, going through financial problems and a petty thief who is also plagued by insecurity. Patrick didn’t like this at all, he wanted Kim Kardashian or Damilola Adegbite but God insisted “I created you for a purpose to help fulfil other people’s purpose” and “All my children are beautiful, I created them in my image”.

The scenes after that are hilarious, revealing, action packed with a little romance that seemed realistic.

What is not realistic is some of Chigul’s acting. Oh her comedic scenes were fluid, of course it’s second nature but when she needed to be serious, her nervousness showed through like a reflection in clear water. No, this is not Chigul’s best work as a serious actress but this is her first major role, I believe the only way for her to go is up. Patrick has one of the most expressive faces I have seen in Nollywood. He emits a tenderness in you that makes you smile because of his expressions, he is a good actor, very believable. I miss Bimbo Manuel, why don’t these veterans act more and teach the new generations how to pull off a role without a “but”. Bimbo Manuel as God was fantastic. His voice, his tone, expression, demeanour…I wonder who would have played this role if he hadn’t. This was a perfect casting.

The best part of the movie is the score (music). The music enhanced the atmosphere; made us more aware of elements going on in the scenes; it also reinforced the narrative as it developed; most importantly, it translated the characters’ thoughts thereby creating an emotional feeling for the viewers. This movie should win an award for best use of music.

The second best part is the special effect and cinematography, simply fantastic! Hollywood level fantastic!

Obviously Nigerian moving makers are spending more money on the technical aspect but are taking for granted the importance of a good storyline and near perfect acting! The script of this movie has too many holes and unrealistic reactions. Ijeoma warmed up too quickly to Patrick. Who warms up that easily to a Ghost? Nigerians need to write for the world but as Nigerians. We are superstitious in nature and in reality, it would take God’s intervention for me to be friends with a Ghost overnight. Then, Ijeoma’s mum (Tina Mba) appears from nowhere…and disappears without warning too. It was as if the writers decided to rush the process.

Movie makers please take us seriously, some of us follow the story line, not only the actions.

Banana Island Ghost had very deep messages: God’s love for his children even when He is angry, God’s presence in all situation, real beauty and selflessness. However, the ending was cliché, it was supposed to be funny but came across as a copy cat scene from an old Rambo movie.

I would have rated Banana Island Ghost 6/10 but because of the music, it gets 7/10.


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