Is Tipping Your HairStylist Mandatory?

2 July 28, 2017 By Dang

Is Tipping Your HairStylist Mandatory?

My salon is a walking distance from my house so when I’m in the mood, I walk.

I went to clean my scalp (I have braids on) at the salon yesterday, when I was done, I dusted my bum and proceeded to leave without tipping. My hair stylist -whom I tip all the time- followed me all the way to the gate.

Hair Stylist: Ah. Aunty you didn’t bring your car
Me: No, I decided to walk.
Hair Stylist: Ah Okay. So nothing nothing today abi? I hope I didn’t do anything wrong
Me: No you didn’t.

I kept on walking as I responded to her. I was quite irritated. I would have tipped her but I had no cash at all in my wallet plus I never thought it necessary to explain myself.

The fact that she asked me gave me pause. Does she assume that it’s her right to get tipped? I tip anyone who gives me good service because I like to encourage them or mostly show that I value the job they have done for me. But seeing that this lady expected a tip and asked for it when she didn’t get it…I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Do you tip? Why?


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  1. Anonymous

    I do actually,but it’s usually 15-20% of cost of whatever I’m doing. But on good days,like holidays… I most times give extra.I mean most times,we do this abroad…My uncle also told me to read up etiquette on tips to understand the percentage.


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