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1 July 23, 2017 By Dang

Alter Ego is a drama, directed by Moses Inwang. Centred mostly around Adaora Igwe (Omotola Jalade Ekeinde), a radical lawyer whose pro bono defence of the under privileged abused girl child is quite personal. As much as she carries her own scars, secrets and demons, she fights aggressively, in and out of court to bring abusers to justice.

Abused by her teacher at a young age, Adaora deals with uncontrollable sexual urge as a result. She has sex with men she is attracted to without minding where and when. No one was exempt when she gets the urge, it could be a family member, driver, gardener or even her colleagues. Thereafter, she would feel remorseful and beat herself up for not being able to resist

As her popularity grew, she met Timothy (Wale Ojo) a billionaire philanthropists who shows interest in her work and decides to work with her in providing food and shelter for the kind of people Adaora represents. Adoara finds love with Timothy and in the process, confesses her past experience as a sexually abused child to him. Unfortunately, Timothy also came with a baggage so big, even Adaora found it unacceptable

Alter Ego tells a story of sexual abuse, betrayal, vulnerability and strength, skin deep habits and emotions so deep you can only express with actions. In this movie, you find yourself reading more into the characters expressions, more than their words

Omotola Jalade is an A-List actress, whom I love dearly and expected perfection from. I cannot categorically say her acting was top notch, I also cannot say it was bad too. Average acting is not what is expected of her, however, this is what I got. In some scenes, her overall delivery is almost perfect as you can see her struggle with her demons even without words, in some other scenes, her acting was such that would not make the cut in a low budget hollywood movie

From the trailer, this movie was supposed to be sexy, dark, emotional and powerful. It was almost there but it felt to me like a relationship with good prospects that eventually ended badly

At the end of the movie, Adaora finally meets the man who abused her. There was an emotional moment, where she got on her knees, head raised to the heavens while she let out her frustration and pain by screaming. This was such a good scene…until it dragged on for too long

I thought the movie had ended, then there came an extra ridiculous scene that got everyone confused. I sat down in the movie theatre after the last scene and wondered to myself “huh? Is this it? That makes no sense!”

Alter Ego carried a powerful message but delivery was rushed and inconclusive. The sex scenes were short and unbelievable, actors’ make up was mediocre and some scenes dragged on longer than they should have

If one was sexually abused and watched Alter Ego, it doesn’t leave you with more problems, but it provides no solution either.


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