Love and Accept Your Friends For Who They are But Do not Shrink To Fit

0 July 21, 2017 By Dang

“Do not shrink to fit”

We all have them in our lives, those friends who we love dearly because they’re good people and you laugh your heart out when you hang out together. As soon as the topic turns serious, they wave it off. They don’t want to talk about growth, how to spend money wiser, how to grow your career, how to strategize that new business. They love you, but they can’t help you when it comes to the things that really matter: Mutual values

Sharing your next big idea is practically orgasmic. Your eyes sparkle. Your heart flutters. All manner of happy chemicals flood your brain. You expect the fire in you to extend to Mr/Mrs no goals, so you can move the idea around and make it better; but, they come out bland. This makes you feel deflated but you know in your heart you can’t blame your dear friend. He/she cannot see what you see, because this friend whom you love dearly, just wants to take life easy and live life as it comes

I believe most of our friends have something to offer but it will only be wise if we know which one of them meets our intellectual/ business needs. Those ones who’ll stay on the phone all night just to crack a puzzle or help open up an idea you’ve been toying with

f no one in your circle can fuel the fire of your goals, ideas and the need to live your full potential in life, then I hope you have the courage to begin to carefully select a new circle, a circle that’s healthy enough to feed that part of your life you want nourished. You know what you want to be in life, you know what your goals and aspirations are, don’t forfeit those because people around you have chosen to live a mediocre life

Love and accept your friends for who they are but do not shrink to fit


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