The Other Woman

3 July 18, 2017 By Dang

The other woman

The definition of what cheating is differs as different people have their own perspective of what it means to be cheating on one’s partner. While a person may opine that cheating is having an intimate and sexual relation with another other than one’s partner, another may say cheating begins with the slightest touch and the all too familiar closeness. According to the latter, you do not have to get to the bedroom before you are tagged infidel.

Truth is, life has taught me that no one is perfect. Not the gentle dove of a man nor the aggressive tigeress of a woman. We all are humans, hence, we all err at some point. The question is what do you do when your partner strays? I know your answer is going to be one of the two options;
1. Stay, fight and fix it.
2. Run, run and just let it go.

The fact is, no woman wants a competition. No woman wants to share her man regardless of how good or terrible he is. No woman wants to feel insecure. But what happens when you find out there is another woman in your man’s life?

I am in a relationship with an amazing man. One I love so much. But no matter how hard I try, there are always other women. Particularly, one. The other woman. No he is not cheating but regardless, that uncomfortable feeling of knowing there is a woman somewhere simply refuses to go away.

There are only two options. Turn a blind eye completely. Don’t try to find out. Don’t sniff around. Just be. And then you can also choose to be in the know. Sniff around, find out and do whatever you want with the information.

Frankly, speaking from experience, option A seems the safer. While the craxy part of me just simply wants to get it all out and fight dirty, the other part is begging to be mature and just watch patiently as things unravel

Whatever will be, will be is the saying.

Life has taught me that sometimes, love is just not enough. You only fight for a man that wants to be kept. Meaning you can never win a man over except he wants you to.

So the new resolution is, stay out of his business. That way, there is less drama, less headache, less heartache and less fights. No mention of their names. They are irrelevant. Love with all your heart but never lose your head.

Be prepared for both possibilities. Anything can happen. It’s why it is called life.



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