Apple’s New iMac Pro costs $5000 (N1,573,000). I’ll Definitely Purchase Only If…

1 July 17, 2017 By Dang

Apple’s New iMac Pro costs $5000 (N1,573,000). I’ll Definitely Purchase The 5k iMac pro Only If…

I love Apple products. They are easy to use , simple and fast. And products are up to date as apple gives the OS updates directly. The premium feel of an apple product is unmatchable, that’s why people want Apple products. Also, If you own an apple product you can always depend on it for a long period of time

However, I questioned my love for Apple when I heard that the new iMac Pro will cost N1,573,000

Am I supposed to go sell my kidney now? Ehn Apple! If I do decide to sell a body part just to buy a desktop, these would be my terms:

1. I’ll purchase only if the computer can tell me the exact date that Jesus will show

2. Can the computer confirm for a fact that president Trump’s hair is real and not a wig?

3. For 5k the keyboard must come in gold, lined in platinum and massage my fingers as I type

4. I would expect a built in printer, scanner, scented stationary and fax. I won’t mind a free iPhone 8 that charges itself when battery is at 50%

5. Can I quickly take a peek at heaven to see how my ma is doing?

6. 5k iMac, I’ll purchase only When Siri learns to pronounce my name right!

7. For 5k I’ll need a guaranteed assurance from God that I’ll definitely land in heaven when rapture happens. Because wasting this kind of money can make God angry and decide to waka pass somebody on the return of our Lord Jesus

iMac Pro. inotpro. inotneed. inotpurchase.


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