“My Ex Boyfriend Poured Acid on My Face, I am Disfigured but Not Broken”- Vanessa Münstermann

1 July 12, 2017 By Dang

My name is Vanessa Münstermann.

I was born in 1989, I have been living a normal life as a child and adolescents, with the exception of my type 1 diabetes. I have an advanced high school certificate, I am a trained beautician and worked at my parents’ filling station. In 2015 a man crossed my path, Daniel. “He is my destiny”, I thought to myself.

With time, he began to act strange. He is Aggressive one minute and the next, he is weeping like a child. He’s a beautiful man, If I hadn’t been captivated by his looks, I would have had to see much sooner that he is totally crazy

Eventually, I separated from him. In February 2016, early in the morning,he poured acid on my face. Everything happened so very fast. He came at me out of the bushes, I had no chance to run away. A woman heard my scream and hastens to help. “Do not touch me,” I told her instinctively, spitting out the acid. I fainted in the hospital car.

I was put in an induced coma for Twelve days. I was pumped with Morphine. I had 20 Operations. One ear is missing, one eye is almost completely destroyed, my mouth hanging obliquely. My face, hands, and décolleté are littered with scars. And that will remain so

I decided to keep the scars

I will not want to hide.

Daniel tried to destroy me. But he has destroyed himself.He was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment in 2016.

Countless people helped me and thought of me and were there for me, for which I am indefinitely grateful. Now I want to help other people. And think of them. And be there for them.

It does not matter if we are disfigured by an acid attack, a fire, an accident or from birth, we are different. We are unique. We are excellent.

We have been hurt. The scars remain. But we will not break.

And for that we must be visible. Go outside. Show us the world. I wish that sometime soon, I’ll find a partner who accepts me as I am, maybe start a family, as difficult as that sounds with me – that would be nice!

I’m Vanessa Münstermann. I am disfigured, but not broken


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